Kill Me Silently (Completed)

Detective Chealsea Keller has been given a special case. A string of murders have happened and the only witness is a girl... The only problem is, that girl is mute.


6. Gone With the Wind

I grimaced as the news reached me.

World Renowned Detective, Chief Richard Miller, Found Dead

Our favourite Chief and crime fighter's body has been found hung at his home this morning at 9.37 am when his neighbour went to check on him. His body had just been exposed to drugs and alcohol. The police are now working on his reason of death. In his pocket a button covered in blood was found with a suicide note which the police have decided not to release to the public. His Will is to be read later this week with family in attendance.

Oh lord no. He killed himself... But... Why? I couldn't feel grief, I don't know why deaths don't hit me as hard as they do others. That used to earn me the name: Ice Queen. I'm the type of person who laughs when the good person is killed in a movie. Yes i'm messed up. Why did he kill himself though? I guess I might find the answer in his little suicide note. 

I picked up my office phone and dialled a number I knew off by heart,"Milli? Can I have a copy of the Chief's suicide note? It might tie in with my current case... You never know."
There was a pause on the other end,"Sure Cheals, I'll have it up to you in ten." The line went dead. I could always rely on efficient little Milli.

Sure enough, after my pacing had almost bore a hole through carpet, my inbox dinged and a new message came up. The suicide note:

Life was hard. You don't think? I couldn't do it anymore you know? I couldn't carry on doing it... It was too much to cover up. Well I can't take the blame now can I? When I saw the killings I saw what the message the killer was sending! It was like the light at the end of the tunnel... Like a new world. I saw it as an opportunity to give people the chance to go to Heaven and be free from all the madness here. But some people didn't understand. They thought I was killing for evil. The opposite you fools. This is the only murder that has affected me this way. It took a long time for me to understand but now I do and it's too late. Why won't you stupid people understand i'm helping you all? Never mind... One day you will know...

I stared at the letter gobsmacked. How could he think that? I mean. Seriously, who does? Psycho. I ran a hand through my long tousled hair and sighed. At least I hope they test the blood on the button. It's a start.

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