Kill Me Silently (Completed)

Detective Chealsea Keller has been given a special case. A string of murders have happened and the only witness is a girl... The only problem is, that girl is mute.


10. Epilogue: Killer

Julie's POV

I sighed as I saw the black car carry Chealsea away from the court. My former best friend. Is a killer. Joel pulled me away from the sight and we walked down an alleyway, in the direction of the morgue in silence. I could tell from the look on Chelsea's face that we would have her body in the morgue soon. I sighed sadly and just stopped walking in the middle of the dark alleyway. Joel stopped as well and looked at me curiously. 

"I know it's hard Jules but it's life,"He too was a good friend of Chealsea's. How could someone so good go so wrong?

Narrator's POV

Joel started comforting Julia, patting her on the back and sighing when she broke down in tears. Shame. They didn't notice the gleaming eyes of a blonde mute standing right behind them, a malicious smile decorating her deranged face, holding a blade poised right above Joel's heart. 

The End

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