Kill Me Silently (Completed)

Detective Chealsea Keller has been given a special case. A string of murders have happened and the only witness is a girl... The only problem is, that girl is mute.


7. Bloody He- Button.

I headed over to the lab where the button was being tested for the blood, I wanted to know who's blood was on it. Apparently it didn't match any of the victims or even the chief... So it has to be the killer's right? Definitely. I threw on some gloves and a mask and entered.The stale smell of disinfectant filtered into my nostrils, various glass containers and chemicals were littered on the many counters. I went to find Julie.

"Jules? Have anything on the button?" I called out, hoping she would hear.

"No sadly, the blood doesn't match any criminal from the files," That's strange...

"What? So that means it's a normal person... Who's a killer?!?!?!?!" I shrieked. No person could do this without experience. 

She pursed her lips,"I'm afraid so. But we've taken in all the blood samples of the police force just in case we have another Chief kind of guy, we're processing the all now,"She grimaced but then smiled apologetically,"You mind having your go now?"

I shook my head and stuck out my arm,"Nah, take as much as you need." She smiled and went off to grab a sterile needle.

She came back and wiped my arm down with a disinfectant covered wipe and prepared the spot where she was going to stick the needle in. She quickly jabbed my arm and I felt a shot of pain travel up my arm but I relaxed when it was pulled out just as quickly. 

"There, all done,"She finished up and applied a small plaster on the cut. I wanted to see how if I was the killer. Ha, as if. How could I be the killer anyway... I followed her to the main part of the lab. She scanned in the blood and started to compare it to the button's. I leaned against the counter opposite her. The computer beeped and she gawked at the result. Her face slowly drained of colour and she screamed, staring at me with wide eyes. It was probably because I had a strange blood type...? She quickly ripped off her mask and barrelled out the room, clumsily knocking things down. What the...?

I scrambled around the counter and looked at the results myself. My blood ran cold at what I was looking at. I was a match to the button on the blood. That would mean I was the killer. I killed. With one more look at the results I blacked out, the last thing I saw was the door to the lab bursting open.

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