Your Number one fan (Chapter 1)

This story was based on a dream I had, lol a very weird dream and I thought I should share. Hope you guys like it. Please leave feed back ^_^ enjoy!


1. Your number one fan!

The place was beautiful for a mental institute. I'm pretty sure you're wondering "Zayn Malik , in a mental institution!" but that's not at all the picture. Lou and I are paying a visit to a fan who claims to be "Our number one fan!" but she only writes to me? We have very nice conversations she's a very sweet girl too. Her name is Noelle. Room 115 on the 3rd floor. We knocked on two very big red doors and I could feel Lou's fright. "Zayn, I don't think this is a very good idea." he said with a shaky voice.  "Calm down Tomlinson, this is the perfect gift for someone as sweet as her." she had no idea that I was coming. A very aged woman presented herself to us? Is this her, she had a grin ear to eat and look very happy to see us. But before I could oblige she spoke. "You must be our special visitors, come in. I'll make sure you get to you destination safely."  safely? 

We walk through a hallway that was covered in lively illustrations. Butterflies, clear blue skies, beautiful flower, and a beautiful sun! But as we walked through the second pair of doors the happiness faded. These children; they looked depressed, or wanted to beat the shit out of us. I heard girls hear and there saying "Hm, they're cute." or "Who are they?" we approached another set of doors , hopefully the last. Another hallway but this was the hallway of the children's rooms. Of course they were all empty due to the fact that they were all in the other room. Then we stopped in font of the very last door. It was much more decorated than the others. It had cards and pictures of friends and family. This was her room. Something told me it was. "Well this is your stop, are you with him too?" she said referring to Louis. "Nope, just his ride." they walked off to another room and it was just me. My heart raced, I have no idea what she looks like -who knows how long ago those pictures were taken-she never told me her age, and what if she was just pretending to be so sweet? "Get yourself together Malik." I said to myself. I opened the door to a set of long brown curls. She was sitting in the window seal and I heard the click clack of knitting sticks. "Hello?" I said. A beautiful faced turn to me. Her hands covered her mouth and next thing I know her arms flew around me. "YOU CAME, YOU CAME! " I chuckled and hugged her back. "She's completely harmless" I thought to myself. She looked no older than 15 or 16. "I can't believe it. Zayn Malik is actual in my room." She had a lovely pearly smile. "Welp, believe it." I said flashing a smile back at her. As she took hold of my hand and led me over to where she was sitting I observers her room. People must really love her. Her room was covered in pictures and stuffed animals. It's kind of hard to believe that she's a mental patient. 

We sat for hours. We talked, played little games, she even taught me a little knitting which she's very good at. She said she made scarves for me and the boys, they were all very lovely. 

"Visiting hours are over Mr. Malik? You should be gone."the nurse said popping her head in the door .

"Really? Gosh, I'm sorry. Can I just say good bye?" the nurse nodded and closed the door. Then I turned around to Noelle whose face was frowned up and her eyes were watering. "Please, don't leave me here, I don't want to stay. Take me with you please!" she immediately started crying harder. "Hey! Hey, please don't cry!" I said rapping my arms around her "I'll come back and visit, I promise." she looked up at me with wide eyes "Really?" I smiled humbly "Pinkie promise." I said holding up my pinkie. She sealed the deal and I was on my way.
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