Unveiling the magic

When ash wakes up after a nightmare he doesn't know it was a distant memory from a world where he born, but when someone threatens the people he loves will he leave everything behind and return....


2. What really happened here?

Kara's POV:

I ran, hard. "Why did i do that?" I screamed at myself as a knife whizzed past my shoulder. I cursed as i ducked. I had been trained to control my emotions and here i was running for my life, Hunted by demons from hell and endangering my whole mission to save this world because of my mistake. Well might as well suck it up, they were never going to catch. With a great effort i put on a burst of speed and jumped over a burning log. My barefeet, splattered with mud and dust disappered under the black cloak that disguised me. After all, Raven black curls that tumbled down to my waist, glowig green eyes and a battle scar that cut across my left cheek was difficult to hide when the whole of the underworld was on the hunt for you. The gleaming silver moon hung heavy over my head as the rays of monnlight took me deep into the black forest. Black birds cawed as they fluttered silently, cutting through the crisp night air. Whoosh!!! I stumbled and sprawled out onto the forest floor as an arrow lodged into the trunck of a tree. They were coming. I needed to get to the caves of Kayla, the goddess that blessed her light upon us. The last and only safe place i go to without being followed. I pulled a dagger out of my boot and twirled, throwing it behind me. Oh! They were closer than i thought. A dozen demons were on my trail and my dagger found it's mark and the demon erupted into black flames as it returned to whatever pit it crawled out of. I started running again. I could see the caves, they were close! I ran as fast as i was able. Then a flash of lightning struck a huge tree and blocked my path. Where can I go!!!! Then i saw the tree had fallen over a rapid, furious, icy river...                                                                                                                                                     

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