Unveiling the magic

When ash wakes up after a nightmare he doesn't know it was a distant memory from a world where he born, but when someone threatens the people he loves will he leave everything behind and return....


1. What did i do to deserve this?

I felt their fear before I heard their screams. They were terrified for me i could tell but i dared not look back. Shadow flames still licked at the ashes and sorrow that surrounded me. It will take more that that to bring me down. My face crumpled in pain as my thoughts returned to the best friend and ally I once had. As though it was yesterday I clearly recalled the glinting white light, a flash of stell and the crumpled, broken body of my companion Alek. I felt hollow once again, like someone had scooped out my insides and thrown them away. Coming back to my senses, I gazed into eyes of the demons approaching, their black, souless eyes splattered with the blood of the children that had died here. That had been responsible for the death of many and again thought "I'll be the best you'll never have." with a hint of a smile on my face. I pulled the silver dagger out of the boot beneath the swirling black wisps of my dress. Or what was left of it. A drawn out scream of agony pierced the air loudly in the distance. Rage filled me my vision went cloudy and tinted with red. In despair I threw the dagger straight into the skull of the demon. I breathed hard as he fell and the others turned. "Crap." I whispered. I ran.  



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