Unveiling the magic

When ash wakes up after a nightmare he doesn't know it was a distant memory from a world where he born, but when someone threatens the people he loves will he leave everything behind and return....


5. the warriors temple


It has been two days after kara's speech that shook the enrire kingdom. I strode into the warrior temple and payed my respects to the novices training there. Leila, the mentor and professor of the warrior arts and her apprentice nimeuh, bowed as i approached. Leila had very short hair the colour of the setting sun and eyes as bright as the sky. Her main feature however, was the fact that the left side of her face was scarred with one eye missing and in it's place was a crimson cross. many thought that she was a demon herself after her accident but time has proved that they failed in converting her. Nimeuh was a far more pretty sight. very small, with long blone locks and emerald eyes, much like my kara, but she walked with an aura of power and importance. Luckily, she also has proved that she won't make her superior personailty get the better of her in a fight.

i left them and walked towards the shrine, the water calming me as i approached. Kara was dressed in black from head to toe and was about to be proclaimed high preiestess of the warrior temple. Unfortuneatly each canditate must undergo a challenge and my daughter was not alone in this competition. Though she was brave i feared for her life.

/A/N sorry about the short chapters haven't really planned out the direct plot yet./

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