Unveiling the magic

When ash wakes up after a nightmare he doesn't know it was a distant memory from a world where he born, but when someone threatens the people he loves will he leave everything behind and return....


4. the speech


I knelt by the shrine, water flowing symbolising the peace and tranquility of the way my kingdom once breathed. So lively, so full of joy. a single tear escaped me. It all depended on kara. That brave brave girl. Again and again she risked her life while i am to hide away. I pray for her now. pray for my beautiful beloved daughter.

1 week earlier:

I rose from my throne. kara knelt before me. "daughter rise." Her determined face masked her emotions. The entire court stared at her. She rose and began her speech, on if she is worthy of the throne. Hopefully, being the strong and independant woman she is she will succed. She will make a fine queen. "People of the night I welcome you into my castle, to be here supporting me today..." a good start. "... You are gathered here today to see my worth, if i am good enough to rule you." Some faces dropped in shame in this, kara was always one to speak the cold hard truth, no matter how bad things got. "However, this is not nessacary for i refuse." Shock and whispers spread. No! how could she do this. I began to stand. "No please let me finish. All my life i have wished to fight to protect. As you can see my mother is expecting a boy. A wise healthy King. I have been taught and trained and could take on the entire shadow army if i wished. magic runs in my blood, i am strong. i wish to a high warrior priestess and continue my line and what i have learnt.  do not make deals, nor lie, i am not one for compassion in letting crime go unheard of as you know i am not known for my mercy. these are the reasons i wish for my brother to become king. It has been many a year since a king resided over the throne. many convert to darkness or are proved dark at birth and are drowned, but this family, THIS generation is strong and we will not fail. We will raise this child and becomestronger than ever before."

Finishing her speech she bowed and left the room to the people whose faces displayed shock and disaproval but the majority had looks of admiration. She turned down the throne for her brother and has won the hearts of many. I smiled at her success, even if it was not the way i would have gone about it. My dear ash would be born soon and he will rule us all

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