Superheros, super humans, amazing people. They're everywhere.
One girl in particular, from a far distant planet, has amazing abilities but is not allowed to use them. She runs away and finds people just like her and they decide to form a team and protect the planet.
But who do you know that you can trust?
Is everything as it really appears to be?

Hey, this isn't near finished yet but it'd be great to have some feedback! :)


2. Space

Slowly and quietly I flew around to the back of the castle and made my way to the space pods. In front of me were around 1000 space pods, all lined up neatly, their black exteriors shining as the sun's rays caught them on its way down. Cautiously I made my way to one of the pods on the end of the lines (taking one on the end is less conspicuous than taking one from the middle) and opened up the long door to climb inside. Inside, it was very snug, there was just enough room for someone slightly larger to fit in. I flung my backpack into the small space behind the seat and pulled the door closed. I swiftly did up my safety belt, powered up the engine, lifted up the wheels, pulled back the handles and shot off into the depths of space. To my future.

After a little time flying through space, I set the pod to auto-pilot and set it to take me to a planet that inhabits life similar to my own. Kicking back in my seat, I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

I was awoken with a jolt. The space pod was spinning and jolting all over the place and the safety belt was digging sharply into my shoulder and my stomach, struggling to hold me in place.

"What's happening?" I asked myself, trying not to panic.

As if hearing my question, the control panel began to flash red and an electronic woman's voice began chanting 'CODE RED! CODE RED! APPROACHING BLACK HOLE! APPROACHING BLACK HOLE!'

"Oh God! Oh God! Erm..."

I began to fumble around with the controls, turning off the auto-pilot and trying to steer out of the grip of the black hole. I set the engine to full blast but it was too late, the force from the black hole was too strong and I could feel the pod giving up and dragging backwards.

Nobody knows what happens when you enter a black hole as there's fear that you'll never return. I covered my eyes and prepared myself for the worst.

"Goodbye" I whispered.

The pod began to shake rapidly and I knew I had just entered the black hole and I readied myself to be ripped apart by the forces within....... but nothing happened.

Maybe I'm not in deep enough yet, I thought. Any second now.....

I kept my eyes tightly shut, as I did not want to see the inside.

Suddenly the pod's speed began to increase rapidly and the next thing I knew, I was sent flying out of the black hole and hurtling towards an unknown planet at an alarming rate. The amazement of surviving a black hole was soon extinguished by the growing alarm of the fact that I was hurtling towards a planet that I had never seen before and seeing no way to prevent it.

I turned off the engine but it made no difference- it was too late.

Inside the pod, it was heating up dramatically and it was close to unbearable. Quick as a flash, I focused on the growing heat around me and created a bubble around myself that the heat could not penetrate- I didn't want to collapse from overheating before I even reached the planet. Another sudden jolt showed me that I had passed through the planet's atmosphere and I was now falling towards a vast amount of dark water. I needed to escape from the pod. And fast. If I didn't escape before I hit the water, I'd be in trouble. The impact alone could be fatal and even if it wasn't, it would damage the pod drastically and it would quickly fill with water. And once wet, fire is rendered useless.

Thinking on my feet, I undid my safety belt and stopped creating a bubble around me; instead I embraced the ongoing heat and drew in the energy to my palms and my fingertips. Using all of my focus and strength, I used the fire to blast off the top window and pull myself out of the gap. Just in the nick of time, I jumped off the pod. And not a second too soon. Not more than a couple of seconds after jumping, the pod hit the water and exploded. Pieces of metal flew everywhere, as bright, angry flames licked up into the sky. Reds, oranges, yellows contrasting against the cloudless, pale blue sky and the reflection in the dark water as I tried to fly out of the range of the blast.

Unfortunately the explosion caused a wave to form in every direction around the wreckage and I didn't have time to fly out of its reach. A sharp pain whacked me down the length of my back and the sudden impact knocked all the breath out of me and I dropped down hard into the water. A wall of cold came to meet me and I was immediately dragged under. All around me, a great weight was pressing down on me, crushing my lungs and making my whole body go numb. Any sense of direction had completely abandoned me; for all I knew I could be upside down. Panic began to set in as my air supply began to run low.

I can't lose now after getting so far. I cannot give up!

Suddenly, an idea popped into my head. I released the little air supply that I had left, to create a stream of bubbles and they all began to float up. This meant that I had to go straight up, using all of my strength, to be able to break the surface of the water. I kicked hard, left leg, right leg, left leg, right leg and used my arms to pull me upwards, in a constant rhythm.

Finally my head broke the surface of the water and the feeling of air gliding down my throat and reaching my lungs was such a magical feeling.

Cautiously, I tread water, trying to gain back my strength so that I could fly to nearby dry land- hopefully safer than the water. Something tapped my arm and I looked down to see a large chunk of metal bobbing precariously in the water. I decided to use it to my advantage and slowly and carefully I swung my legs up onto it and then pulled the rest of me onto it and just lay there; not daring to move in case of falling back into the water. Overhead, the sun was shining brightly down upon me and made my eyelids feel heavier and heavier....

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