Superheros, super humans, amazing people. They're everywhere.
One girl in particular, from a far distant planet, has amazing abilities but is not allowed to use them. She runs away and finds people just like her and they decide to form a team and protect the planet.
But who do you know that you can trust?
Is everything as it really appears to be?

Hey, this isn't near finished yet but it'd be great to have some feedback! :)


4. New home

Up close, the two boys looked around 16 (one year older than me) and looked slightly uncomfortable. One had styled, jet black hair which swept across his forehead and nearly covered up his right eye and his eyes were a piercing, pale blue. He was quite tall and slim and he wore an all in one black suit with black boots and gloves. He spoke to me first.

"Erm, thanks for your help, it was very impressive. It's cool how you can control fire. I'm Neo by the way."

He stuck out his hand and gave me a sweet, little smile.

I shook his hand and smiled back.

"Scarlett. And it's cool- glad I could help."

"And this is Lazer."

He gestured to the boy stood next to him.

Lazer had bright blonde, spiky hair and brown eyes. He was quite muscly compared to Neo but still quite thin. He was wearing black trousers, a red long sleeved top and black trainers. His chocolate brown eyes were warm and friendly but there was also a flash of distrust.

"Nice to meet you Scarlett and thanks again for your help."

"You're welcome."

There was an awkward silence.

I twiddled my hair nervously.

"So... I guess I'll see you around then? I should get going and find somewhere to kick back for the night. So I'll be off."

I waved and turned around and began to walk away when Neo called out my name. I turned around and walked back to him.


"Well I was thinking that as you don't have anywhere to stay... and after helping us out today, the least we could do is give you a place to stay for a while. If you'd like to that is..." he said sheepishly, going slightly pink in the cheeks.

"Really?" I beamed.

"Yeah you helped us out today and it'd be the least we could do. Come on, we'll take you there whilst my duplicates take him" he indicated to the man still on the floor, being held down "to jail."

"Jail?" I asked curiously.

We started walking slowly along the pavement, further away from the sea.

"Yeah, it's a place where you take people that have done bad things, to make them pay for what they've done. It's their punishment. Do you not have a jail where you come from?"

I was about to answer but Lazer piped in.

"So where exactly are you from Scarlett?" he asked, cocking a perfectly arched blonde eyebrow.

"I'm not from this planet that you call.......?"


"Earth. Right. I'm from a planet called Trantiaan, far away from here. I talk English, the same as you but I'm not familiar with all the cultures that you have here. Are there many people like us here?"

"Some" replied Lazer "scattered around the world, although not all are good and some prefer not to use their powers, so that they fit into the normality. So do you really not know anything about Earth?"

I shook my head.

"Well, I ran away from my planet but I wasn't planning on coming here. I crashed but it seems quite nice here."

We turned suddenly into a quiet, thin path and made our way to a small, square, rather unattractive looking building with a large wooden door and small round windows. It was a very odd looking home and rather shabby compared to what I was used to living in but it'd be a new experience.

Neo opened the door and beckoned for me to go in.

I walked in slowly.

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