Superheros, super humans, amazing people. They're everywhere.
One girl in particular, from a far distant planet, has amazing abilities but is not allowed to use them. She runs away and finds people just like her and they decide to form a team and protect the planet.
But who do you know that you can trust?
Is everything as it really appears to be?

Hey, this isn't near finished yet but it'd be great to have some feedback! :)


3. Encounter

I awoke with a start. It was very dark and the wind was freezing, chilling me instantly right down to the bone. My clothes were definitely not the best choice, they didn't protect from the cold: a long sleeved, fitted, black crop top, black shorts, a thick purple belt and and black platform trainers. At least I had regained my energy to be able to fly to land, away from the murky depths of the water. I sat up and pushed myself up into the sky and scanned the horizon to see where the nearest land was.

Down below, in the water, I noticed an odd, soft shape floating along and flew down and scooped it up- it was my backpack. My sopping wet backpack. I held it out in front of me and conjured fire into my palm and used it to warm the outside of the backpack so that it'd stop dripping (I'd dry out the contents later, once I'd found somewhere to stay.) I then swung it over my shoulder and headed to the twinkling lights in the distance.

I touched down on what appeared to be a long wooden structure built out over the water; it appeared to be deserted at this time. Taking in all of my surroundings, I walked along the wooden boards, which creaked with every step I took. Everything was deathly silent but it was very peaceful and almost relaxing.

All of a sudden, footsteps broke through the silence, fast and urgent and approaching steadily. Further back along the street, a man, tall, thin and dressed all in black was running with a large sack over his shoulder- away from two boys that looked around my age- as fast as he could.

"STOP!" one of the boys called out.

"No use." she heard the other one say "Time to take him down the hard way."

My eyes widened at the sight of the two boys- one had multiplied and the other was waving his hands and appeared to be making objects fly at the man. The man managed to avoid every attack and swiftly climbed up a ladder on the side of a warehouse, opposite to where I stood, and knocked the ladder clattering to the ground. I edged closer to get a better view. The man was gaining distance, hopping from rooftop to rooftop, followed by the boys on the ground but they were falling behind.

Before I even knew what I was planning to do, I was up in the air and flying towards the man. Pelting towards to him, I clicked my fingers and threw hand after hand of fire, one colliding with his feet, which sent him tumbling down the side of the building. Not wanting to seriously injure him, I flew after him and caught him just before he hit the ground. Despite his struggles, I kept a hold of him until the boys arrived and the duplicates had him pinned down so that he could not escape.

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