Superheros, super humans, amazing people. They're everywhere.
One girl in particular, from a far distant planet, has amazing abilities but is not allowed to use them. She runs away and finds people just like her and they decide to form a team and protect the planet.
But who do you know that you can trust?
Is everything as it really appears to be?

Hey, this isn't near finished yet but it'd be great to have some feedback! :)


1. Beginning

Far away on a distant planet, a young girl is being scolded by her father.

"Scarlett! You deliberately disobeyed me! You're a princess, you need to learn to control your powers and stop acting like a child! You could have hurt someone. Have you forgotten your duties?"

I felt anger bubbling up inside and the tips of my long, poker straight, jet black hair start to turn red.

"Well maybe father" I spat "I don't want to be a princess. Maybe I just want to mess around and have fun with my powers!" 

My father towered over me and I could see disappointment clouding his amber eyes, the same eyes I always see looking back at me from the mirror.

"Why can't you be more like your sisters Sky and Esmeralda? They're a perfect example to our people and they appreciate the beautiful world that we live in. You do not realize how lucky you are."

My hands clenched into fists.

"Well maybe" I hissed "I should go and then you can have your perfect little princesses whilst I go out and have fun and actually live life the way want to!"

My father, the King, paled.

"No Scarlett. Look, I'm sorry, calm down and we can sort this all out. We're both angry and this won't help either of us."

"Too late"

I kicked my heels hard into the ground and flew up into my open bedroom window, 6 stories up the sparkling white palace walls. Landing hard on the floor, I flung open my wardrobe doors and started cramming clothes and other things into a large, battered backpack. My favourite backpack. It brings back memories- times from when I was a kid and I didn't have so many expectations and so many people telling me how to act and who to be.

Slowly, I walked back to the window but stopped to examine my reflection in the mirror. My usually long, straight, jet black hair was wild and glowing a fiery red and my large, round, normally amber eyes were also completely red. Red. The colour of fire.

My family live on a planet called Trantiaan and many of us possess what many would call 'magical powers' and our family, the rulers of our world, all possess such powers. My father has super strength, my mother the ability to heal, my older sister Esmeralda the power to control earth, my twin sister Sky the ability to manipulate water and me; the ability to create and manipulate fire.

When I use my powers, a red glow appears around my hands, ready to summon fire and when I get angry, the whole of my hair turns red and so do my eyes. Unfortunately, I can lose control of my temper easily and that can lead my powers to become uncontrollable. According to my father, "I'm dangerous" and I should "set an example to my people" and "act like a princess."

That's why I have to leave. My sisters are the favourites and they can cope without me. They are always in control and always set a perfect example. I won't be missed.

Quickly, I swung my heavy backpack over my shoulders and prepared to leap out of my window, when suddenly I felt something heavy leap onto my and force me to the ground.

"You're not going anywhere sister"

I looked up to see Sky's large, blue eyes staring down at me, her strikingly blonde hair blowing behind her from the breeze drifting through the open window.

"Let go of me!"

She smirked.

"Not a chance."

I tried to free my arms, which were pinned down by my side, but to no avail. Sky laughed and I suddenly felt a chill run along my arms and legs and it dawned on me that she had frozen me.

"Let go of me Sky or I'll have to hurt you" I warned.

"Try me Scarlett. You can't leave us here. You have a duty to this world and its people."

"But this is my life and I'll live it the want I want!" I screamed.

I used all of my strength to smash my arms and legs through the ice holding me down and jumped to my feet.

I clicked my fingers and a spark formed in my hand and I threw it straight at Sky. She only just avoided it by back flipping off of the wall but I intercepted her and landed a kick straight in her stomach, making her collapse on the floor. Reacting before she could have time to get up, I pulled my bed sheets off my large, round bed and bound Sky's hands and legs tightly so that she could not get up. For good measure, I clicked my fingers and made a ring of fire around her.

With one last glance around the room, I picked up my fallen back pack, hopped onto the windowsill and with one final comedy salute to Sky, I back flipped out of the window and prepared myself for my brand new life.

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