Meet up&Break up

Hi, ok this story is my first fan fic! Hope you like...

Lily had gone on vacation in the summer to Australlia along with her mum only to be told when she arrived that her mum was 1Ds new stylist... she got to know them more and became best friends with all of them but Harry&Zayn really stood out to her she started to like them both but who is she gonna choose will someone else fall for her?


5. That dreaded Party

We all walked back up to my apartment. When we got there Mum was sitting there looking all fancy

"Finally, Get ready were all going out tonight!" Mum exclaimed

"OK meet me in here in 10 minutes" I said to the boys. They all walked out. I ran to my bedroom leaving my mum I haden't been in the pool much so my hair wasn't wet I bunged it up in a messy bun and put on my wedges and a beige collared dress about knee length. Make up on. Im ready!


I walked out and the boys were there all staring at  me

"You Look... Stunning" Zayn said

"Now... give me your phone, your so unsociable when you have it. I want you to... mingle" Mum told me

Ugh So i handed it over. Great

We got there and i sat in the corner by myself whilst the boys were  ... mingling.

"You OK " I heard some one say to my advantage I found Zayn sitting there

"Yeh I suppose, can i play on your phone please" I asked

"Yes you can Haha" He replied and handed me his phone. I pressed the middle button and swiped his background was me and him and the boys at the pool. I chuckled to my self but found a game and played it. Whilst zayn sat there with his hand round my waste.

"And this is my daug... Lily! no phone" Mum suddenly said... I gave zayn his phone back and stood up

"Any way this is my daughter, Lily" She carried on

"Hi" I said politely addressing this old couple. They just nodded and walked away. Welll rude much

"Come say hello to people" Mum said

"No!" i demanded

"LILY stop being so moany... so you, why couldn't i have a normal child" Mum shouted

"Ughh why did you even bring me here.. I hate you and im sorry for being born" I stormed off with zayn hot on my tail. I realised I may have over done my shouting. I was now in tears

"Hey, Hey dont cry babe" Zayn said comforting me. I could only cry.

"Lets get you home" He picked me uo and carried me to his car.. good thing we all came in seperate cars.


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