Meet up&Break up

Hi, ok this story is my first fan fic! Hope you like...

Lily had gone on vacation in the summer to Australlia along with her mum only to be told when she arrived that her mum was 1Ds new stylist... she got to know them more and became best friends with all of them but Harry&Zayn really stood out to her she started to like them both but who is she gonna choose will someone else fall for her?


6. Talking about nothing

We came back to my apartment shortly followed by the boys, No sign of mum. good. I was sitting in my bedroom with Zayn just talkin' about nothing. Zayn knew I didnt want to talk about what happened at the party so he didn't bring it up.

All the boys came in, looking apolagetic they came and sit with me just talkin'

Zayns phone went off he went out the room and 5 mins later he came back in

"Your mum said she got a room on the next floor so she can give you some space and your phone is in the living room. Zayn said

"Thanks" I got up and went to get my phone 5 missed calls: Mum ... Delete"I'm gonna go to bed" I said faking a smile.Massive smiles grew on their faces!

"Sleepover!!!!!!" They shouted


*Sorry for extremely short chapter*



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