Meet up&Break up

Hi, ok this story is my first fan fic! Hope you like...

Lily had gone on vacation in the summer to Australlia along with her mum only to be told when she arrived that her mum was 1Ds new stylist... she got to know them more and became best friends with all of them but Harry&Zayn really stood out to her she started to like them both but who is she gonna choose will someone else fall for her?


7. Sleepover

I got mattresses blankets and duvets and out them all in the front room it looked so cosy. I pulled out the sofa bed whilst the boys got food. Zayn came in with popcorn and he put on a movie on.

All the boys came in and took their places in the 'beds' I got the sofa bed and snuggled in the covers. Harry had chosen 'Paranormal' OH NO! I was terrified of scary movies.

Louis had got the bed near the one i was in so i decided to get him

"Louis" I whispered, he turned his head.

"Yeh" He said, I patted the space next to me on the sofa. He got up and brung his covers and snggled down next to me.

"Are you OK" He asked "Yeh, just EXTREMLY scared of horror movies" I said

"Dont worry I'll save you" He chuckled 

My eyes were getting heavy I was falling asleep

'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH' I heard the Tv scream I suddenly awoke and sat up straight. The boys were all still awake eyes glued to the screen

"Dont worry, I'm here" Louis said which made me jump a little.

"Thanks Lou" I said and snuggled into him 

*sorry again 'bout short chapter*

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