Meet up&Break up

Hi, ok this story is my first fan fic! Hope you like...

Lily had gone on vacation in the summer to Australlia along with her mum only to be told when she arrived that her mum was 1Ds new stylist... she got to know them more and became best friends with all of them but Harry&Zayn really stood out to her she started to like them both but who is she gonna choose will someone else fall for her?


4. Darkness Fear

We got to the pool, it was dark and no-one was there apart from us

"Guys i'm scared of the dark" I said, Zayn put his arm round me and whispered

"I'll protect you" I sdaw harry give zayn an evil glance but zayn ignored it and he just grinned. he carried me in the pool and swum with me, everyone else got in and splashed we were having fun. I couldn't fall for him but DAM he was cute

I got out my towel and laid it down i sat on it& watched the boys play like 5 year olds Niall dunked Louis head under the pool then Louis screamed like a girl and Niall got told off by Liam! I found it highly amusing, someone layed there towel next to mine and started laughing, i founD Harry sitting there eating a punnet of cocktail sausages

"Save me some you pig" I chuckled

"There you go" Harry said and handed them to me

"FOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD" Niall screamed and ran out the pool. Harry let out a sigh. Liam came chasing after him and told him 'Naughty boys dont get treats' Louis laughed in his face and stuffed food in his gob right infront if niall. Niall sat there looking genuenly sad. I grabbed some food and tapped Niall on the shoulder he came up to me and i gave him the food. after all i did feel bad he have me a hug and scoffed down the food! What a great night.

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