Meet up&Break up

Hi, ok this story is my first fan fic! Hope you like...

Lily had gone on vacation in the summer to Australlia along with her mum only to be told when she arrived that her mum was 1Ds new stylist... she got to know them more and became best friends with all of them but Harry&Zayn really stood out to her she started to like them both but who is she gonna choose will someone else fall for her?


1. Australlia


I just got told the news <3 were going to Australia for summer break, I couldn't wait 


"LILY!" shouted my mum 

"What?" I replied just building up enough energy to get out of bed.

"Were Leaving.. In 10 Hurry up"

Poo i thought to myself i haven't even packed. I got out 2 bright pink suitcase and shoved my whole wadrobe in them. I threw on my Skinnys, a 1D crop top and my new trainer wedges, I was ready!Mum had already packed everything I brought down my suitcases and put them in the car 

"And!" mum said 

"What?" I replied

"We are going 1st class!" Mum shrieked

I'd Always wanted to go first class on a plane and today we were! ,

I got in the car. We got to the airport and my eyes shon up. I went to get the bags out the boot but a man was there dressed in a suit taking them out putting them on a bell boy carrier for us. I looked at him confused and edged my way over to Mum

"Mum theres a man standing there taking the things out our boot" I whispered

"Perfect" she replied and her face lit up

Something was going on, as we walked into the airport loads of screaming girls were standing round in a big circle

"Dam" I thought to myself 

One Direction were here today i grabbed my carry-on and ran to the bathroom I changed my top to a Soccer Jersey and came back out again reunting with my family

"Come on" Mum said and pulled me away

we got sat down on the plane and First class was luxurios... The lady arrivied at the front and started giving is all the safety checks, I always got anxious round about now and wanted to give my mum a hug for comfort but she was at the back of the plane as we weren't able to get seats together which mean't i was alone. We set off and I was fine.

"Over here Sir" I heard the flight attendant say i was in the middle of  getting my carry on out of the shelves.

"Thanks for your help" I heard the boy say he bashed me which lead to me falling back in my seat

"Watch were your going" I claimed

"Sorry" The curly-haired boy suddenly became familiar.HARRY. 

"Do you want some help"

"Please" I said as i watched him get my bag out.He sat down next t me and smiled i smiled back. Harry Styles was sitting next to me! I tried my best not to fangirl so instead i just squirmed in my seat :)

"Do you know where Jennifer Haly is, she's my new stylist and i got told to come and find her" He asked

"Yeh actually thats my mum" I replied sounding suprised I kept a straight face as i showed him to my mum 

"Harry, Im your new stylist nice to meet you" She shrieked and Jumped up

"I heard and I've been sent to find you and i did" He replied 

They got into deep conversation about make-up and stuff and i zoned out

"Sorry i didn't catch your name" Harry said to me whilst he was poking me in the arm

"Oh it's Lily, Lily Haly" I replied sounding proud

"Great so Lily if it's not that big of a deal could you find the boys and bring them here" He asked I looked shocked 

"Yeh of course, where about are they?" i questioned

"At the front of the plane, Thanks babe & i like your Jersey" he said rubbing my back I went round to the front of the plane and heard shrieking and laughing i figured where they out were they were.

"Excuse me" I said addressing Liam who was on his phone as i knew he was the most.. sensible one of all of them

"Hi" he replied 

"Hiya babe" Louis shouted out , Louis patted the seat next to him indicating me to sit down. He pulled out my bun letting my blonde wavy hair fall down over my face he winked at me.

"Harry asked me to find you and bring you to your stylist .. my mum .. well your stylist is my mum" I said letting the words escape from my mouth i started putting my hair up again into a sort of messy bun

"Of course" Liam said. He and I both arose form out seats and pulled the other boys up i showed them to my mum and took my self away and returned to my seat,

I plumped down in my seat and sighed

"whats wrong hun" Harry said

"Oh I didnt know you were there" I said in shock & giggled to myself. We talked the whole way there. Our flight came to an end and i grabbed my carry on and got off, I found my mum and we set off.

"We are stating in the same hotel as the boys you know" Mum said whilst winking

"great" I replied removing her last comment from my head

"As soon as we get there i'm goint to the pool and sunbathing" I said sternly

"OK" Mum mumbled.

*Hi can you comment how to add a new chapter sorry i'm new*
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