Wartime Story

It's WW2 and everyone's doing their bit towards the great war. Especially Christine Jones, recently married and her husband has already joined the barracks. With her loved one and brothers out on the battle field she takes in injured soldiers before they return to the front line. A particular sergant called Sergant Juniper catches her eye and soon it's a question between tradition and love.......


2. New World

"Yes. I would like 2 weeks worth of milk please." Christine said smartly, handing over her ration book to the shop owner.

"There you go lass." The man said giving her the bottles with his big hefty hands. Christine smiled and walked out into the cold morning air.

It was March and the cold weather still hadn't gone. The sun gave weak beams across the frosty village street. Christine put on a grim face and looked at the 2 mile steep hill she would have to walk. Sighing, she picked up her skirts and wlaked bravely on. She knew she was being petty, soldiers were on the front line. James was on the front line, with mud in their beds and maggots in their undies. She would have to make do.

She hadn't got very far when she slipped on a small piece of black ice. Falling over, her milk bottles luckily landed beside her on the snowy ground. At first Christine just frowned, a tad afraid she would cry. But, then, realising how ridiculous she had been acting recently she burst out laughing. She sat up and gathered up her bottles, (still laughing mind you) before brushing herself down. Skipping up the hill, Christine felt as if the world was her friend again.

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