Wartime Story

It's WW2 and everyone's doing their bit towards the great war. Especially Christine Jones, recently married and her husband has already joined the barracks. With her loved one and brothers out on the battle field she takes in injured soldiers before they return to the front line. A particular sergant called Sergant Juniper catches her eye and soon it's a question between tradition and love.......


1. Goodbye my sweet.

Christine stood on the doorstep of her newly refurnished cottage in the south of Dover. She followed the little figure of her husband with her eyes until he jumped over the horizon. She sighed and with a pale hand tucked a piece of adventurous hair behind her ear. She had only just married James and he was already running away from home to join the millions of men on the front line.

Christine closed the green front door and walked through the quiet hall into the parlour room. She sat pristinely on a carpeted chair, her hands folded presentably in her lap and her ankles crossed. Old habits do die hard. Her pinned up hair was gently falling out, wafting behind her ears, but Christine had no idea. Her thoughts were with her husband. She walked with him to the station, stepped with him on the train, watched him eat his sandwiches. Christine let out a rather depressing sigh. It would have caused anybody to have felt a silent dread in their hearts.

How she would miss James! He could be gone for months, years. She had no contact with anybody except for the recently added landline. The nearest village was three miles away. And her family. Well, most of them lived in Scotland. She would be alone for many days. Christine wasn't afraid of being alone. She quite enjoyed it. But the prospect of sleeping in that big bed on her own scared her. There was a tree out of the window and it's branches scratched the expensive glass panes.

But her luck, though she didn't know it, was just about to turn...

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