Modern Cinderella

A young girl , pushed around by her family but has to do something about it

same family as me , I have two step sisters called Kirsty and Joanna and i live in the loft and I have 4 nephews and my family is a mess , of course though this doesnt realy happen to me !!


1. Saturday

I woke up to the sun in my eyes , thats just one of the disadvantages of having a loft as a bedroom , the windows have no curtainsso the light comes straight at you in the morning . I slowly got up and looked at my clock , it was 8 o,clock but I could here all my nephews downstaires . I fell out of bed and on to the floor , where  I crawled to my wardrobe and had a look at my clothes . My next to empty wardrobe held the new outfit I bought yesterday with my birthday money , it was only a new white top and a pir of grey leggings which were both on sale but they meant the world to me. I only get £2 pound every year for my brithday and christmas but this year because I turnt 13 , I got £5 . I slowly slipped into my new clothes making sure i dont rip or tear them in any way as these would have to last me until next year . I looked in my smashed mirro and i saw the girl that used to run around in the garden trying to catch butterflies and bake heart shaped cokies with her dad before he died , but if you looked in the eyes of my elder twin stepsisters , you would see a little dumb blonde head with no education and does nothing right , the girl that is just there , The dont like me at all .

I climbed down my loft ladders as quietly as possible trying not to any one up . I get down and my four nephews are playing on the xbox  , I have only played on the xbox once and that was to complete a level for the little ones but my step mum Donna came in and grounded me for taking the controller away from them and ouching there property. When I say punishment , I dont mean an ordinary punishment, I get lo ked in my oom with a toilet and a tap with clean water . The only time I get to go out is when I go to school and the only time I am allowed to eat is at school .

I made all the kids cereals and sat on the sofa until Kirsten came down

" Move , you dont have the right to be sitting on this sofa , Make sure you disinfect before you leave today " Kirsten spat at me , she was wearing a blue hollister jumper and her chino's. Joanne came down in a short pink dress and a sliver cardigan , to match she wore a pair of glamorous white hells so high she could hardly walk in . She pushed me out of the seat Kirsten pushed me into and inspected what I was wearing today , she laughed and got up as her boyfriend Tommy knocked on the door , She looked in the mirror one last time ; added a load more lipgloss and stuffed a hand full of tisse down her bra then walked out without a word of goodbye

Kirsten and Joanne are both slags , they wear the shortest clothes ; wear as much make up on their face as possible ; both have been wearing thongs since the age of 7 . They have double d sized bra's and still decide to stuff loads of tissue down there bra . They sleep with different people every week and both have a reputation for being on 16 and pregnant , even though Kirsten was pregnant at 14.

Kirsten got her new blackberry out , the newest phone out in the high street , she texted her boyfriend patrick she was leaving . She got up to leave and as she was about to open the door , she threw the dust pan and brush at me then she was gone . The only person left to leave to go shopping was my stepmum Donna !!!


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