The new girl in town

This is me,the new girl in town,the freak...


2. My discovery.

I begin to paint my new living room.Using a tall,rickety ladder I climbed up to the very top and start long,long strokes up and down.The light flickers and dies.As it is 8 o'clock at night during winter it is rather dark.I can sort of of see the ladder but not clearly.I try to slowly climb down but I slip and fall,paint splattering everywhere.I thwack my head on the wall and I fall down down down into blackness (even darker than before...)

I wake up.It is light and I can smell paint.I am sticky all over,and when I can fully open my eyes I can see that  I am covered in cream paint.I then remember what happened.I fell of the ladder when the light died.I stand up.Nothing hurts,nothing at all.Very odd.I go to all of the boxes that I have not yet unpacked.I see a pink polka dotted laptop case.I pick it up and un-zip it.I get out my Macbook and turn it on.It buzzes and turns on.I open google and I search 'How did I heal within 2 hours after possibly breaking my neck' About 200 results flash up on my screen. I am drawn to a website named PARANORMAL ANSWERS.I click on it and I see a website with vampire and wolf images flash up onto the screen. I type the same thing into their search box.Wow.There is a lot of information on the screen.Here is a short extract of it.


It is known that there are humans in this world that can transform into wolves.They are called wolf-hearts.They mostly just kill animals when they transform as they keep their human mind.But there are wild wolf-hearts who kill humans.But 98.8% of wolf-hearts are good and 1.2% are wild.There is a wolf-heart royal family.The living members are Martin Hart (king) Susan Hart (queen) and Melanie Hart (princess) for an unknown reason Susan and Martin split up and decided that their daughter should not be informed about their paranormal lives.This was for her safety and protection.

What the?? I am Melanie Hart and my mother is Susan Hart.I have never known my real father...I am the princess of wolves and I am a wolf..........................OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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