Love is a Payne

Clarissa has lived in Doncaster all her life, her brother is Louis Tomlinson. When she meets all of One Direction she immediately falls in love with Liam Payne. She has two problems. One is that she doesn't think she is good enough for him, the other is that he is engaged to Danielle. What happenes when Liam realises he is falling for Louis' little sister?


4. Passion in it's sin, ended so suddenly.

Clarissa's P.O.V

I was just going to die, I couldn't believe Liam had heard me, had walked in and seen me practically naked. I must have turned the colour of a ripe strawberry, thoughts had swirled around my head, ones that would make a saint curse. I could hardly believe I had though things like that, I mean he was attractive and all but he was one of my brother's best friends. 

I woke up around three a.m, a noise outside has startled me. It turned out just to be the wind rustling some trees outside my window, I had tried to go back to sleep but found it impossible. Eventually I decided I should try one of the remedies my mum had used when I was little, a drop of honey and lemon tea. It was the flickering light of the T.V that put me on guard, but that soon stopped as I saw why the T.V was flickering. Liam was sound asleep on the sofa, facing the T.V with one arm hanging off the edge. Smiling to myself I walked over and knelt beside the sofa. I'm not really sure what happened, all I know is that moments after I knelt down next to him, my lips were grazing his. Brown eyes opened to meet mine, and a hand clutch at my hair. A fire I had never felt before rose inside me, burned every part of me so that I felt like an open flame. 

"Clarissa..." He moaned as he trailed his hands trailed down to my hips. He lifted me as he shifted so that he pulled him on top of him until I was straddling his waist, our lips fought in a battle of passion and I recalled some lyrics from a Taylor Swift song. Passion in it's sin.  The words were appropriate for this moment. One of Liam's hands held my waist whilst the other snaked it's way up my back and into my hair, holding me in place. Not that I was trying to get away. Our breathing grew heavy as our lips clashed, then broke apart only to clash again. His lips were so soft against mine. A sound in the kitchen cooled me right down, the next part of the lyrics jolted to mind. Ended so suddenly. 

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