Love is a Payne

Clarissa has lived in Doncaster all her life, her brother is Louis Tomlinson. When she meets all of One Direction she immediately falls in love with Liam Payne. She has two problems. One is that she doesn't think she is good enough for him, the other is that he is engaged to Danielle. What happenes when Liam realises he is falling for Louis' little sister?


1. My first sighting

Liam's POV

I sat staring out the window as Danielle played with my hand, I drew my hand away. We were fighting again, I didn't even want her here. I didn't want her at all. The only reason I was marrying her was because the label wanted it, I certainly didn't. I just didn't like her, she was always so vain and immature. Louis announced that we had arrived at his house, waiting there was a girl who looked around my age, she had wavy brunet hair and what seemed to be green eyes, she was beautiful. As soon as Louis was out the car she ran up and threw her arms around his neck, she lifted her up and spun her round as we all piled out the car. 

"Louis, Louis, Louis LOUIS!" she yelled as he spun her around, her thick hair flying all about. I looked over at harry as Louis set the young girl down, he was eyeing up her curves and when Louis noticed he wasn't pleased. He was very protective of Clarissa from what I remembered of the first time we met her. 

"Harry back off, seriously no touching my baby sister!" He warned and I was thankful he hadn't caught me watching too. Clarissa simply laughed and hugged harry, Louis watched with a very watchful gaze. Clarissa hugged all of us and by the time she got to me my heart was racing.

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