Love is a Payne

Clarissa has lived in Doncaster all her life, her brother is Louis Tomlinson. When she meets all of One Direction she immediately falls in love with Liam Payne. She has two problems. One is that she doesn't think she is good enough for him, the other is that he is engaged to Danielle. What happenes when Liam realises he is falling for Louis' little sister?


5. caught lips locked

Liam's P.O.V

Clarissa suddenly stopped, I didn't know why because I was loving this. Then I heard it, the thing that sent shivers racing through me. There was someone in the kitchen and they were heading towards the living room, and I was still kissing Clarissa. I knew I should stop but my body wouldn't get the message, I couldn't remove my hands from her, or my lips for that matter. Not that she was either, maybe she hadn't noticed. Of course she had noticed, she was the first to notice. So when Harry walked in, my heart stopped and the horror of being seen was enough to make me release Clarissa. Clarissa sat back slowly, her eyes closed as if that would help the situation. Unfortunately that wasn't something that was going to help us.

"Well, don't you two look friendly." Harry's forced southern drawl name out slow and just added tension to the situation. In my head I was thinking of ways in which I could kill him for interrupting the best kiss I had ever had. Clarissa climbed off me and faced Harry, I could see his eyes immediately drop to her visible breasts. 

"Hey!" I barked/whispered at him, his eyes left her and ended up on my scowling face. Clarissa took this as her que to go back to her bed, leaving me and Harry alone. As I watched her go my heart felt a painful jolt. I pushed the feeling away and focused back on Harry. We glared at each other for a minute, finally he gave in and instead started to have a go at me.

"Are you crazy Liam? That's Louis little sister, plus you're engaged! Dude what are you thinking?" He railed on in a whisper, careful not to wake anyone. I hated the look in his eyes, the one of pure disappointment, that was not a look that looked good on Harry the group's flirt. 

"I don't know what I was thinking. I got in an argument with Danielle and I came to sleep down here, when I woke up I saw Clarissa knelling there I just... I couldn't help myself." I admitted reluctantly, hating that I had been so weak. When it came to Clarissa, she had always been my weakness, the one person I could never ignore. Ever since I had met her three years before, she was amazing, beautiful, talented and mature, perfect. 

"Liam, you know you can't do this... she's Louis little sister, and the -"

"Yeah I know, we can't do anything to piss of the label. You know for once I'd like to live my own life, I don't even like Danielle but I'm marrying her for the sake of the label. Don't worry, I won't fool around with Clarissa, I wouldn't hurt HER like that." I growled  before turning over and pulling the blanket over my head, the universal sign for piss off. As I lay awake that night I hoped I had mean what I said, I hoped I was strong enough to stay away from Clarissa. 

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