Forever & Always (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Jade Dylan lives in NYC with her cousin Riley. They both go to the same university and study the same things. Summer had just started and they were looking forward to going to London and see their cousin Flore for the summer and a hole semester after that. It was the day they had to leave and they couldn't be happier. Or could they? What happens when Jade ends up sitting next to Harry Styles for 9 hours? Read to find out the rest! Xx


18. Movie Time! : PA2


After being introduced to everyone we all just chilled on the couch. We needed to decide what movie too watch. "LOVE ACTUALLY!" Harry and I yelled. All the others shook their heads, some even whispered "Are you serious?" while laughing. I guess we might be a tad obsessed with that movie. "I say...TOY STORY!" Liam. I remembered reading somewhere that he did love his toy story. The others shook their heads no. "How about...PARANORMAL ACTIVITY2" Louis said dancing around everywhere. "Lou, you hate scary movies" Harry said. "Don't care" Louis answered shrugging. This boy was crazy, but amazing. At the end, we settled on Paranormal Activity 2. I looked at Harry and he immediately knew what I was thinking. "POPCORN" he yelled. I laughed. Five minutes later he came out of the kitchen with three bowls filled with popcorn, bottles of water, Oreo cookies that he handed to Niall and napkins. Thoughtful. He sat back down on the couch next to me. The seating arrangement was, Harry, Louis and I on one ouch, with me in the middle. Riley and Zayn on the other and Flore, Niall and Liam on the last one. Flore was sitting in the middle too. Harry grabbed a blanket and threw it onto of me and Louis, then found a little place under it by sitting fairly close to me. I had to admit, I didn't mind. The movie started and at the first scary thing, Louis screamed and jumped on Harry, which technically meant jumped on me. He stayed layer across my lap for the majority of the movie. I couldn't say I was a fan of scary movies, they scared me. Simple as that. PA2 was one that had always scared me the most. Certain times during the movie, I would get scared and bury my face into Harry's chest or the crook of his neck. He made me feel so much better.


Paul came and picked me up and brought me straight to the studio. Apparently, some song recordings got lost or deleted so we had to remake them. We finished at around 3pm and got home at 3:30. The girls would be here soon. I went straight to my room. I couldn't wait to see Jade again. Not only was she beautiful, but she was real, not some fake girl hanging out with me because of who I am. She listened, was kind, sweet, caring. I'd been with lots of girls before her, but never had I had these feelings. I mean, I think I love her, which is insane. We haven't even kissed yet. But I'm not going to deny my feelings. I'll just try to understand them one day at a time. I was going to try and ask her out on a date tonight. I'd have to ask Lou for some advice on where to take her. Like we were just going to chill before maybe going to the pub later on, I just put some sweatpants and my Ramones shirt on. I grabbed my phone and went downstairs. Louis, Liam and Zayn were sprawled all over the couches. Niall was in the kitchen. I sat down next to Zayn and checked my phone. It was 3:50. The girls would be here real soon. I was checking my tweets, following a few people when I heard a loud crash. Niall had made himself some type of dish, now decorating the floor. He also spilled his soda bottle. Louis started going crazy and slipped on the soda, knocking over a vase filled with sand (random I know, but it was Louis). The sand was all over the floor. Liam, being Daddy Direction and all that, tried to calm things down, but Zayn screaming "Vas Happenin?" the whole time didn't quite help. I laughed the whole time, not moving my lazy ass off the couch. That's when the doorbell rang. I immediately got that butterfly feeling in my stomach. I couldn't believe I was nervous. Me, Harry Styles? Getting nervous over a girl? Well yes, and this girl was Jade Dylan, not any girl. I started making my way to the door when I realized the state of our living room. Louis was still on the floor sprawled in soda and sand. Niall was whining because his food was now not edible. "THE GIRLS ARE HERE! CLEAN IT UP!" I yelled. I guess Louis heard me because he started getting all excited. When the boys and I finally made our living room look decent, I opened the door. Jade was standing there smiling, with Riley and Flore behind her. "Hi Haz!" she said. "Hey girls!" I said back, not taking my eyes off of Jade. Even in simple leg gins, toms, and a sweatshirt she looked amazing. "Come on in" I said. I introduced Jade to everyone and was happy she seemed to like the boys. Louis had practically jumped on her, which meant he approved. I was happy about that. We all sat on the couches to watch a movie. I didn't forget to make some popcorn and bring out other snacks. Jade and I both wanted to watch Love Actually, again. We had issues. We ended up watching Paranormal Activity 2, a scary movie. They didn't bother me, scary movies, but I liked them because if Jade got scared then I'd be there for her. Jade was sat in the middle of me and Lou. I threw a blanket on top of them and managed to get myself under it to, by snuggling up to Jade. She smiled up at me and I smiled back. Louis eventually got scared and threw himself on top of me and Jade. We both laughed and tried pushing him off, fail. At the end, we didn't care. Whenever Jade got scared she'd hide her face in my chest or the crook of my neck. I loved being so close to her. 

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