Forever & Always (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Jade Dylan lives in NYC with her cousin Riley. They both go to the same university and study the same things. Summer had just started and they were looking forward to going to London and see their cousin Flore for the summer and a hole semester after that. It was the day they had to leave and they couldn't be happier. Or could they? What happens when Jade ends up sitting next to Harry Styles for 9 hours? Read to find out the rest! Xx


28. I Heard What You Said.


At some point, I woke up. This time I had the energy to open my eyes. I was greeted with a boring tidy white room. A hospital room. Then I remembered what happened. I couldn't believe it, it was the scariest thing ever. And probably the most random thing ever. I was just so glad that I was okay. Well at least I think I'm okay. No one was in the room so I just laid on my bed, thinking. I wondered where everyone was. Maybe just out for coffee, or maybe, although I hoped that this wasn't true, maybe they'd left. Probably not Riley and Flore, but maybe Harry and the boys. I mean they probably wouldn't want to stick around to take care of a girl in a hospital that they'd only met a few days ago. I didn't think they were those kind of people but you never knew. I just hoped not. No one was coming in the room so I looked around and found my Iphone laying on the table next to the bed. I picked it up and looked at the time. It was 12:30 pm. They were probably out for lunch. One thing caught my eye, though. My phone said it was June 30th. June 30th? The accident happened on the 23rd, I was sure of it. Why couldn't I remember? This was really strange. I found a little hospital emergency ringing button thing and pressed it. A minute later a nurse came in. "You're awake! That is good news!" she said. "Your friends will be happy!" she added. I just nodded and smiled. "Where are they?" I asked. "Just downstairs in the cafeteria. They haven't left this past week. Especially the boy with the curly hair, Harry?" she started. I nodded at the mention of Harry. "Well he's only left once, otherwise he stays overnight with you as well. That's his bed over there." she finished while pointing to a small bed in the corner of the room that I hadn't noticed. For the first time I really took in my surroundings. The room was really big. There was even a couch, a coffee table, a desk, a big TV,... Loads of stuff. And knowing that Harry stayed with me the whole time just gave me the best feeling ever. I loved him so much. "Um, excuse me? Did I get shot on the 23rd?" I asked the nurse. She turned around. "Yes you did. Why?" she asks. "Well, we're the 30th now. I can't remember anything in between" I admitted. "Honey, you we're in what we call a half coma for a week. We didn't know if you were going to fall into a full coma or eventually wake up. Luckily you woke up." she said. Woah, I thought. I was asleep for 7 days straight? Crazy. "Am I okay though?" I asked. I didn't know anything about coma's and stuff. "Yes, normally you are. You did get shot in two different places, so you're gonna have to keep that sling around your arm and the bandage around your stomach for the healing. We'll give you some pain medication for when your home. Apart from that, we still have to run a few last tests, but you could be released later today or even tomorrow." she said, smiling. "Oh thank god." I said smiling. The nurse left the room and I found myself bored and alone. I was playing on Temple Run when I heard the door open and saw Riley and Flore run in. "JADE!" They both screamed excitedly. "Flore! Riley!" I said mocking them. I felt really energetic for someone who'd been shot and in a type of coma. "We're so glad you're awake! We didn't know when you'd wake up." They said, getting serious. You could tell that they were both pretty shaken up. "I know. But I am and I'm okay" I said smiling, trying to lift spirits. They both nodded and gave me a huge hug. "But guys I do have two healing gun wounds!" I said jokingly. They quickly pulled away apologizing. "Geez guys, lighten up" I said, laughing. That's when we heard loud noises, what sounded like a herd of elephants running for their lives, in the hallway. We all turned toward the door, not surprised to see first Harry, then Louis, then Niall, then Zayn, then Liam trying to catch up to the little maniacs, stumbling into the rooms. I just chuckled. My gaze went to each boy then landed on Harry. I smiled. "Hi" I said. "Hi" he said, smiling back. We just kept staring at each other till someone cleared their throat. We looked away shyly. "Jade, my carrot queen! We missed you!" Louis said running over to me. "I missed you to Lou. Although I don't actually really remember anything about the coma…" I said. "You don't?" asked Zayn. I just shook my head. A nurse came in saying that only one person could be in the room while she ran a few tests on me. Riley and Flore went first, then the rest of the boys, and then it finally came down to Harry's turn. He walked shyly into the room. "Hey Haz" I said, smiling. "Hi Jade" he said, smiling back. He walked over to the chair beside my bed and sat down on it. He scooted it forward so that he was right next to me. He suddenly took my hand in his and laid it gently on the bed. "Jade..." he started. "Harry, I don't remember much about the coma, but I heard what you said." I admitted. He looked surprised. "You did?" he asked. I nodded. He looked slightly relieved for a second, but then a little worried again. "What's wrong?" I asked, concerned. "Well, you heard what I said. So you heard that I told you I wanted you to stay with me, and you heard-" he started. I interrupted "I love you too Harry" I said, looking into his beautiful eyes. He looked back into mine. He looked completely relieved now, and happy. He leaned in slowly and then our lips melt. It was such a sweet kiss. Passionate, but full of love. We pulled away and leaned our foreheads against each other. I was smiling and blushing. He pushed a strand of my hair back behind my ear. "I'm so happy" Harry said. "Me too" I said. Who knew I would be madly in love with Harry Styles, let alone, who knew I would be loved by Harry Styles. 

A/N: Hey guys! Hope you like this chapter! I don't find it amazing, especially the end because I was pretty much half asleep. Sorry for not updating sooner but I was in exams the last 2 weeks and I was balancing writing this movella and my other one :) (Feel free to check it out!). Now like it's vacation I'll be updating wayyyy more! :) Please leave me suggestions, advice, ideas, blablabla :) Leave me comments! I love reading them! Favourite, fan, like! Twitter: @vivalajade2 Instagram: viva_la_jade2

Please watch this video: It's my little brother who is a HUGE fan of One Direction:) The video is sooo adorable! Please check it out and share it! Xx Bye Bye Loveliesssss

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