Forever & Always (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Jade Dylan lives in NYC with her cousin Riley. They both go to the same university and study the same things. Summer had just started and they were looking forward to going to London and see their cousin Flore for the summer and a hole semester after that. It was the day they had to leave and they couldn't be happier. Or could they? What happens when Jade ends up sitting next to Harry Styles for 9 hours? Read to find out the rest! Xx


11. I found Harry/ Jade.


I got to the supermarket parking lot and parked my car. I got out and headed to the entrance of the supermarket. Once in I headed to the drinks section to get some bubbly water and then went to the snacks section to find my beloved popcorn. I got in front of the snack aisle and I was in awe. So much to choose from. I plugged my earbuds into my iPhone and stuck them in my ears. I scrolled through my songs and settled on Don't Wake Me Up by Chris Brown. As long as I was here I might as well stock up. I quickly grabbed a basket and headed back to the snack aisle. I started dancing around the aisle trying to figure out what I'd get. I got some chocolate covered raisins to put in my popcorn, some crackers and cookies and a few vegetables. Now I had to choose the popcorn... Caramel, butter, salt,...? I settled on butter but there were so many different brands I didn't know which one to choose. So, I just kept dancing and started singing while trying to choose. I was swinging my head back and force and doing other random dance movies. When the chorus came I started to kind of jump. I wasn't embarrassed because I knew that practically nobody was in the store and at the end of the day, I didn't know these people and I really didn't care. I knew I couldn't be dancing like a troll because I was a professional dancer, but that still doesn't mean I was dancing like a pro. I was still trying to figure out which popcorn to choose when I heard someone laughing really loudly. I turned around and gasped. Harry was behind me. 


Jade. I found her and I couldn't believe it. She was right in front of me. At that moment, I felt so happy, the happiest I've been in a long time. This girl meant so much to me. Did she see me when I walked in? Does she know I'm here? Probably not. She was intensely scanning the popcorn section while dancing and singing. I started to laugh, really hard. She was just too cute. She was singing so loudly that I could tell that she was listening to Don't Wake Me Up by Chris Brown. And her dancing was too funny. Not bad, but just so random for a supermarket. It wasn't like she was full on dancing routine or bouncing off walls but I don't know, I was just in hysterics. She actually looked kind of cool. She had on a pair of loose fitted sweatpants, a sweatshirt and her hair was in a messy bun. She looked beautiful. I didn't think she realized that a one point she said, loudly "What popcorn do I choose? There are too many.." sounding desperate. I laughed even harder, almost doubling over. At that moment, she turned around. She must've heard me hysterically laughing. I think it took her a while to realize who she was glaring at. I simply smiled and she gasped. She ripped her earbuds out of her ears and whispered "Harry?". I smiled even more. "Hi Jade." I simply said and walked over to her. Without thinking, I rapped my arms around her. She stiffened up, probably not expecting my hug which I didn't either, but then relaxed. I couldn't help but think that she fitted perfectly in my arms. 


I could'nt believe it. Harry was in front of me. I thought I'd never in a million years see him again. Was this happening? "Harry?" I whispered. "Hi Jade." he said and walked over to me. Before I knew it I was wrapped in a hug. Harry was hugging me. I tensed up at first, not expecting it, but then relaxed. I fitted perfectly in his embrace. I smiled. I could't believe how happy seeing Harry made me. I really did like him. I chuckled. He pulled out of the hug. "What's so funny?" he asked, smiling. "I can't believe I'm seeing you again" I said, honestly. He smiled more "Me neither." he said and pulled me into another hug. "Harry!" I said. "What?" he asked, his voice muffled from my sweatshirt. "Let me go" I said, laughing. "No." he said and hugged me tighter. "Seriously" I said, still laughing. "Fine" he groaned. He was a little taller than me, but not by much, yet I still had to look up to see his eyes. I was probably smiling like a retard right now. I chuckled some more. "How are you?" I randomly asked. "Great now" he said, cheekily. I laughed. "I thought I was never going to see you again" I admitted. "I didn't think so either. I'm sorry about the whole phone number business" he said. "Yeah, don't worry about it. I get to see you now and that's what counts" I said. "But what actually happened?" I asked. "Well, someone hacked into our phone information and got our personal phone numbers, including the one I gave you. So, Paul, our manager, had to delete our phone numbers and give us new ones. At the moment he deleted our old ones, I forgot to think about the fact that you wouldn't have my number..." he said. I laughed. "I guess it's fate that we ran into each other now then" I said. "I guess it is" he said. "Oh and may I ask what you were doing?" he asked. "Me? At the supermarket? Just buying some popcorn." I said. Please tell me he's not talking about..."No, I mean you're little show you put on for us." he said, chuckling. I blushed. So he did see..."Well...I...mean...I.." I tried saying something. Harry laughed even harder. "Don't worry, love." he said "It was cute". 


She was blushing. "Oh and what are you doing being popcorn at 10pm?" he asked. "Well, the girls and I wanted to watch a movie and I chose Love Actually, my favorite. And we were all cozy waiting for the movie to start when I remembered something crucial. The popcorn. We didn't have any at home so I had to go buy some" she said. "Just for popcorn?" I said, smiling. "Yes, just for popcorn." she answered back, smiling. "And did you find your beloved popcorn?" I asked. "Well almost. I don't know which brand though" she said. I pointed to my favorite one. "This one" I said. I extended my arm out to grab it when she did the same. Our hands touched and I felt butterflies in my stomach. She pulled away, blushing. She then grabbed the popcorn and put it in her basket. "I guess I'm set. I have my beloved popcorn, so I'm going to go or the girls are going to get worried." she said. I was disappointed. I didn't want her to go, although I knew I should be heading home as well. "Yeah, me too. But this time, I give you my number and you give me yours." I said. "Of course" she answered smiling. We exchanged phone numbers and we both paid at the cash register. We were walking out the entrance when I heard the yelling and the lights. The paparazzi had found us. 

A/N: Hey guys!! You like?? My attempt at leaving you guys at a cliffhanger. Hope you guys enjoy this fiction so if you do and want to read more, please comment, favorite, like or even fan :) Love you guys and all your support! Bye bye loveliesss <333


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