Forever & Always (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Jade Dylan lives in NYC with her cousin Riley. They both go to the same university and study the same things. Summer had just started and they were looking forward to going to London and see their cousin Flore for the summer and a hole semester after that. It was the day they had to leave and they couldn't be happier. Or could they? What happens when Jade ends up sitting next to Harry Styles for 9 hours? Read to find out the rest! Xx


24. Hospital Frantics


I couldn't see anything. I couldn't hear anything. I couldn't feel anything. For a split second I thought I was dead, but that couldn't be. I couldn't and I wouldn't die. I wasn't going to leave everything right now. Everyone, Harry. No. But I lost all consciousness when I was plunged back into darkness.


I couldn't get to her. Police were blocking my way. "Jade!" I tried screaming. No luck. "You've got to let me through! My girlfriend is hurt!" I yelled to the police officers trying to push my way through. I had to get to Jade, I didn't know how bad she was but knew for a fact that she was hurt. "LET ME THROUGH!" I screamed even louder, still trying to get past the police officers. I felt hands grab my arms ad waist. I thrashed trying to get away. "Ow!" I heard a familiar voice say. I turned my head. It was Louis. "Louis! I need to get to Jade! Now! She's hurt!" I told him frantically. "I know, mate. But there's nothing you could do at the moment. The police is handling everything" Louis explained. At that moment I saw the emergency people lift a motionless body on a gurney. Holy crap, that was Jade. "They're taking her! Let me see her!" I screamed. The boys were still trying to push me towards the exit. I felt frustration rise in me. "Lou you don't understand!" I said loudly. I saw a bit of sadness and hurt come across Louis' face. I didn't want to hurt him, it's just that all I could think about was Jade. "I'm sorry Louis. I just need to know she's okay. I have no clue what happened to her." I said to him. He came over and hugged me. "I know Haz. Let's just call Paul and figure things out from there. Maybe we can also ask a police officer outside, see what's going on and what to do about Jade." he said. I just nodded and ran outside. I saw an ambulance drive away, lights flashing, siren blaring. I thought of Jade. I needed to be with her right now. Louis, Zayn and Niall went with me to one of the police officers standing guard outside the pub. Wait, where were Riley and Flore? "Where are the girls?" I asked. "We don't know. They disappeared when we went to get you. I'm gonna go look for them if that's okay" Zayn said. I nodded and he left. God, I hope they were okay. We didn't need another accident and I didn't want anyone else to get hurt. "Excuse me sir?" Louis asked. The police officer turned around. "You shouldn't be here. Please go home" he answered back. "Yes, we will sir. Except, his girlfriend has possibly been injured during the arrest. She was the one who got held at gunpoint." Louis explained pointing at me. The police officer looked at me. "I'm sorry. All I can tell you for now is that we've been trying to arrest these four criminals for about a year now. They are highly dangerous drug dealers. They've been previously charged with assault, theft and they've been suspects in a murder. We'd gotten a tip to where they would be dealing tonight. Unfortunately, the criminals were armed and held that young lady at gunpoint." he said. I nodded. "But where is she? What happened to her?" I asked. I still didn't know if she was okay. I'd seen her fall, so not everything was okay. "I'm sorry to say, that she's been taken to the nearest hospital. She's been shot in the shoulder and in the stomach. As for what's been reported back to me, her wounds were pretty deep because of how close she was to the gun when she was shot." he said. My eyes were wide open. I was shocked, then scared, then worried. Louis and Niall had to grab me because I was too weak to stand. "Will she be okay? Will she make it?" asked Niall to the police officer. "We're not sure yet. The stomach is a very bad place to have a wound at. She's probably lost a lot of blood." he said. I leaned into the boys. "Come on Curly. Let's get to the hospital." Louis said. The ride to the hospital was silent. Liam had called Paul and was on his way to the hospital with him. Zayn had managed o reach Riley and Flore. They were actually at the hospital already waiting for news about Jade. Apparently nothing good for the moment. Louis parked the car and we got out. He walked up to the lady at the desk and asked "Jade Dylan." The lady told him he had to wait. We sat for what seemed like hours. Maybe we did sit for hours. At one point, a nurse came in the waiting room "Jade Dylan" she said. I shot up from my seat, waking up Niall and Louis who were sitting next to me. "Yes" I said. She motioned for us to follow her. We stopped outside of a room with a big window, but you couldn't see anything because of a closed curtain. "I have some news." she said. We all nodded. Please, please. Please let her be okay. "Well..." the nurse started.


Where was I? What happened? What was that sound? It sounded like a beeping noise. Beep. Beep. Beep. So annoying. I tried turning my head. Couldn't. Why? I couldn't remember. This was so strange. That's when I felt an excruciating pain coming from my stomach. I started to squirm, or at least that's what I wanted to do. "She's waking up! More anesthetics! Morphine!" I heard faint shouts. Morphine? The stuff they used in hospitals? And in Twilight? What the hell. And what was this pain I felt. I wanted to cry it hurt so bad. And then I got another pain in my shoulder. I couldn't take it. The pain was too much. I started getting dizzy. What was happening...

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