Forever & Always (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Jade Dylan lives in NYC with her cousin Riley. They both go to the same university and study the same things. Summer had just started and they were looking forward to going to London and see their cousin Flore for the summer and a hole semester after that. It was the day they had to leave and they couldn't be happier. Or could they? What happens when Jade ends up sitting next to Harry Styles for 9 hours? Read to find out the rest! Xx


16. Bacon and Pancakes :)



The girls were waiting in the kitchen. I had some explaining to do. "Did you guys eat breakfast already?" I asked. They shook their heads no. I got a pan and placed it on the stove. They were keeping quiet, but I knew it wouldn't last long. Any minute now. "Pancakes?" I asked, tempting them. They nodded. Not bad girls, not bad, I thought. I grabbed the ingredients and started making the batter. "Chocolate chips?" I asked. They nodded again. Impressive. "JADE!" they both screamed. Or not. I laughed. They had the funniest looks on their faces. "What?" I giggled screamed. "Harry Styles is in our house" they both said slowly. I chuckled. "Yes he is" I said. They both looked at each other, then Riley said "Where is he?". I pointed up. "Taking a shower" I said. They nodded. "What happened?" Flore asked excitedly. "Nothing!" I answered laughing. "Not nothing! Something! We found you laying practically on top of him, both of you sleeping, holding hands!" Flore said. "Oh, yes. Well...that was nothing. I mean, it wasn't nothing...but nothing like that." I said, blushing. "Duh" Riley said. "I guess we passed out while watching Love Actually, and we were already holding hands." I explained. Their jaws dropped to the floor. I chuckled. "Holy cow Jade" Riley whispered. "I know" I whispered back. "Do you like him?" Flore asked. Did I like him? Yes. More than anything. "Yeah, I might even love him" I admitted. I was waiting for them to say how crazy that was but all they did was smile sweetly. "Go for it Jade" Riley yelled. "Shut up!" I said laughing. We kept on talking and laughing while I made the pancakes, waiting for Harry to come down.


Once I was done with my shower, I put my sweats back on swell as my shirt. They didn't smell bad, thank god. I quickly towel dried my hair and put one of Jade's pairs of socks on. The only ones I could find were neon pink with neon cheetah print. I chuckled. I heard my phone beep. It was a text from Zayn. 

-ZAYN: Hey man. Vas happenin? Niall told us you saw Jade! hahahah x

-ME: I'm at her house right now ;) hehehh x

-ZAYN: Oooh Hazz :) You'll have to tell me later. Is her cousin there? x

-HARRY: Which one? :) x

-ZAYN: Riley :) x

Ooooh. So Zayn liked Riley. Interesting. I'll have to set them up, I thought.

-ME: Yeah mate :) You know what, I'll ask them if they want to hang out with us today, k? :)

-ZAYN: Cool :) See you laterzz Hazz :) x

I put my phone in my pocket and headed down. I smelt bacon and pancakes. My tummy growled, I was starving. I rushed down the stairs and headed to the kitchen. Jade was piling food on plates while Riley and Flore were deep in a conversation. When I walked in, Jade looked up and smiled. A beautiful smile. I got a tingly feeling in my stomach "Hey Haz:)" she said. "Hey beautiful" I said. I couldn't help it. She blushed, looking adorable. I walked over and kissed her cheek. I might've been acting a bit to lovey, seeing as it was only our like second/ third time seeing each other but again, I couldn't help it. Besides, she didn't seem to mind. I'd tell her my feelings later. Wonder how I should...


Riley and Flore were deep in a conversation revolving around some type of animal...I think? I didn't keep track of the conversation. I was to busy making breakfast. When everything was done, I started putting some on everyone's plate. One for me, one for Harry, for Flore and then for Riley. When I was putting the last bits of food onto the plate I saw someone coming in and looked up. Harry, I thought. It was and I smiled as our eyes met. I got butterflies in my stomach, so cheesy... "Hey Haz:)" I said. "Hey beautiful" he said. I blushed. He called me beautiful again. I finished plating the food when he came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Some people would've probably found it a bit weird how close we were, considering we hadn't known each other for very long, but I felt so comfortable yet excited whenever I was around him. Hopefully a good sign. "Girls! Breakfast!" I said. They looked up and their gaze immediately landed on Harry. They hadn't even realized him walking in. Wonder what kind of conversation they were having. I softly chuckled. "Good morning girls" Harry said. "Goodmorning" they mumbled while smiling like crazy. I laughed and went to go sit down at the kitchen table with my plate. Harry followed me and sat by my side. Riley and Flore shortly followed still smiling like idiots. They sat in front of us. "So girls, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with me and the lads later this afternoon? We have a meeting with management at like 1 but then were free and were thinking about just hanging out watching movies and them maybe go out to a pub or something" he said. Really? He wanted to hang out with us? We'd get to meet the lads! "I'd love to Harry!" I tried to say, but the other girls beet me to it "We'd love to! Omg! Yes!" They said super excited. Harry and I both laughed. He turned to me and raised a questioning eyebrow. "And you love? he asked. "I'd love to" I said. 

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