Isn't She Lovey- I Want You Back

Teenage life ain't always the easiest for the two children on once famous Niall Horan and Isabell Horan. What come's with teenage life can haunt you in the future. bad memories could come spinning back and like could be turned around. So what memories are Sam and Charlotte making?


4. Too Far


            I woke up feeling nice and new. I sat up, stretched my arms and yawned really loud. This was unusual. I'm never normally in a good mood when I wake up. Well...I guess I'm just happy the boys are back. I swung my legs from under the covers and placed then sturdy on the flat ground. "Now then," I sighed. School here we come. I rubbed my eyes once...twice and stood up. Shuffling my feet across the floor I made my way to the door. "SAM! CHARLOTTE!" I heard Mum shout from the bottom of the stairs. "Coming!" I tried to shout but it didn't make much noise. As I closed the door behind me Charlotte was making her way behind me. "Morning," I said. "Hey bro," she tapped me on the shoulder and walked past. I just smiled and followed behind her. "What is this?" Louis groaned opening the guest room door he was staying in, "Why so early?" He rubbed his eyes and squinted from the light. "We got school Louis," I laughed. "I can't believe you can get up this early," he replied and closed the door behind him back into the guess room. People call him a looker, maybe they should look at him in the morning. I laughed to myself at my sarcastic little comment I made in my head. "Good morning Hun," Mum said as she plated me some pancakes at the position I always sat at the table. I looked outside to see the trickles of rain fall fast down the window pain and the outside work was misty with rain. "Great, it's raining," I smiled. I do enjoy the rain very much. "My hair is going to ruin," Charlotte laughed. "It's okay, I can take you both if you want," Uncle Liam said walking out into the kitchen with Nelly. "Good morning," Mum smiled, "Pancakes?" "Yes please," Nelly smiled and sat next to me at the table. "Okay sure," Liam smiled sitting next to Nelly. Mum dished up their plates of pancakes and syrup. "This looks amazing," Liam complimented. "It is," Charlotte said stuffing her face in which made me laugh. "I see you're Dad all over when you do that," Liam laughed. "I SMELL PANCAKES!" Dad shouted from upstairs. "Speaking of the devil," I chuckled. Dad's big shout caused everyone else to wake up and want pancakes too. Our table was really big, so everyone could fit on. We all ate our food then Charlotte and I went to get ready for school. I could hear outside my window the rain was getting harder and harder as it poured from the sky. "I think it's a welly sort of day," I chuckled grabbing my wellies out the wardrobe. As I got ready I grabbed my bag and walked out the door. I walked down stairs to see Liam talking to Charlotte and Mum. Charlotte also had her wellies on. "Okay, you both ready," Liam said pulling his keys out of his pocket. "Yep," I smiled. He opened the door for me and Charlotte out to the porch and he closed the door behind him. We all huddled and crossed our arms to get warmer. "Okay ready. 1....2....3...RUN!" Liam shouted and we all ran out for the car. I opened the door and jumped in the back seat, as did Charlotte who was covering her hair with her bag through the rain. "Ahh gosh," Liam laughed as he started the car and drove us to school.



        "Thank you Liam," I smiled as we got out the car. "No problem. See you guys after school," he said and drove off. The rain had died down a bit now, but it was obvious that it was going to fall non stop today. "What do you have?" Liam asked me. "English. You?" I replied. "Maths," He said and went to turn towards the maths block. "Cya at break," I said and waved to him. "Cya," he responded. I walked to class as went inside to take a seat. "Now class, settle down," Mr Davidson said. I was sitting in class listening to the teacher when I heard whispers. "Slut," A voice whispered in my direction. I turned around to see who it was and there was Ebony. She was one of the meanest too me. Only because she had a crush on my boyfriend and she got jealous. The class flew by and Ebony and her gang were still calling me names as we left the class. "Oi whore!" one girl called out to me. I kept walking and I went onto the field to talk a shortcut to my next class. "Get here now!" Ebony called out. The soft trickles of rain fell down. A line of girls blocked my way so I turned around and more girls were there. There were probably about 10 all together. The make a circle around Ebony and I. What was going o. "You're such a whore Charlotte," Ebony pushed my shoulder. "I didn't do anything!" I protested. "You were born," she snapped back and slapped my face. I didn't react. I just acted like I didn't care, but it didn't work. She pushed me so hard that I fell into the mud and she came up and kicked me in the stomach. "OI! YOU GET AWAY FROM HER!" I heard my brother shout. He ran up and pushed Ebony to the ground not caring that it was a girl because she was so mean and she deserved it. He ran to me, swooped me off my feet and took me away to the front office. I hated this. I have tried and tried to keep a smile on my face, but this way too far. I can feel my face frown so much, it's so unlike me. He asked the receptionist to call Mum and get her here. After about 10 minutes Mum came and she had a talk to the principle. "Are you okay?" Sam asked me when we were sat on the waiting chairs. I had an ice pack to my stomach because it really hurt. I just nodded silently. "Don't worry about those bitches. They mean nothing to us," Sam said rapping his arm around me to keep me warm. He could she my skin turn pink and goose bumps appear. I was shivering so bad. Mum had finished talking to the principle and came towards me. "Let's get you home hun," She held out her hand for me to grab. I raised my hand held hers slightly as she lifted me up. "Am I coming home?" Sam asked Mum. "Well, ummh, I don't know. I guess you could. You're a mess from carrying Charlotte," she replied. He had mud all over his clothes. "Sorry Sam," I mumbled. "No, it's fine Charlotte. It means I can come home," he chuckled which made me laugh a bit. We got into the car and drove home. I walked in through the front door to see Dad there. "What happened darling?" he asked coming to my side. "Well, I just got a bit hassled at school. No biggy," I said. "It is indeed," he protested. "Are you okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine Dad. Don't worry," I said walking up stairs. "It's hard now to, and what about you Sam" he said as he turned the conversation to the others. I opened my bedroom door and jumped onto my bed. I tried to stay happy. All those times...I really tried, but she's just pushed me too far to the edge.

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