Isn't She Lovey- I Want You Back

Teenage life ain't always the easiest for the two children on once famous Niall Horan and Isabell Horan. What come's with teenage life can haunt you in the future. bad memories could come spinning back and like could be turned around. So what memories are Sam and Charlotte making?


6. It's Like Everyone Knows



     “Beach here we come!” I cheered as we were in the car on the way there. We had to take three cars to fit everyone, plus the equipment we needed and the food. “Gosh, it’s so hot,” Maxine said wafting her face with her hand to cool herself down. I bet you that wasn’t working. “I know babe, it is,” Harry agreed. It was sure hot, but it was going to be great at the beach. Under my clothes are my new bathers and nobody but Gabriella has seen them yet and the same with hers. She’s in the other car with Zayn, Louis and Sandy. Also, in Liam’s car are Ashley, Nelly and Sam. The car ride was still going to be a while, so I may as well just listen to my IPod, but what I didn’t know was that I ended up singing out loud and everyone turned to face my. My whole face grew red. “Sorry,” I admitted. “It’s okay,” Harry laughed, “You have a great voice.” Did he really mean that? No. He was probably just being nice, as usual.

     I got out the car and started to help unpack the things from the boot. “Oh god, not paparazzi,” Zayn moaned as he got out the car that was parked next to us. I turned to where he was looking and there were about six men standing there with cameras. “Does it get annoying?” I asked Zayn. “Yes, sometimes,” he admitted, “Don’t you ever get them?” “Rarely,” I answered. A shocked look on his face appeared. “I’m not that famous you know,” I laughed. “But you’re Niall’s daughter. “Well, Sam gets them a lot, but I guess I just scare them away,” I said with a bit of a giggle. “That’s not true,” he gave me a quick wink. I laughed, “You old flirt,” and stuck my tongue out at him. “Oh no you didn’t,” he pointed a finger at me in a girly way. “Oh yes I did,” I laughed and nudged him a bit to get past. “Here, would you like me to take that?” I asked Mum who had the picnic basket in her hand. “Yes please darling,” she smiled and handed it to me. As I went to walk away she stopped me. “Find us a good spot will you?” I said. “Okay Mum,” I smiled and walked away. “Hey sis,” Sam caught up with me. “Hey, how was the drive?” I asked. “Tiring. It’s good to get out and stretch,” he replied. “I know what you mean,” I laughed. “Where should we sit?” I asked him. “There,” he pointed to a perfect spot. Not too close, but not too far and there was no seaweed. “Great,” I said and settled the basket down. “Help me?” he asked passing my two corners to the blanket. We spread it out and laid it on the sand. “Thanks,” he said. “You’re welcome,” I smiled. “Coming for a swim?” he said taking off his top. “I sure am,” I said. I took of my clothes which left me in my new bikini. “Is that new?” Sam asked. “Yeah, I’m glad you noticed. Does it look okay on me?” I asked. “Well, you’re my sister so that’s just weird but yeah,” he laughed. “I wasn’t asking you if I looked hot or anything,” I laughed. “Yeah true. Come on, let’s swim. Race you down,” he smiled. “No you won’t,” I pushed him to the ground and ran for the water. “Hey!” he shouted and I could hear him behind me. I splashed into the water it was so nice. “I will,” I smirked. “I let you,” he said. “Yeah whatever,” I laughed. “Come on, let’s go deeper,” he suggested. “Okay, you first,” I smiled. He swam out in the cool water and I followed. “Watch out,” he whispered to me. “What!” I got scared like there was a shark or something. “No, it’s just the boys. They are coming in. They might attempt to dunk you,” he laughed. “Oh, okay. You scared me for a minute there,” I admitted. “Sorry,” he apologised. “It’s okay,” I laughed. “Ahh!”  I screamed and something touched my feet. I shook my feet to get it away but it grabbed them. “SAM! SAM! Something’s got my feet,” I cried in fear. Then I heard laughing behind me. I turned around and there were the boys and Liam came up to the surface. “That’s mean,” I splashed them all. “That’s funny,” Louis said. “Dad, why did you do that?” I complained, but in a laughing state. “Sorry, I couldn’t resist,” he laughed. “I will get you all back,” I said. “Good luck trying,” Zayn laughed. We stayed in the water for a while and the others were more in the shallow waters. It made me laugh to myself how all the guys were deep and all the ladies were in the shallow except for me of course.

      I was lying on my towel sun bathing next to Mum and the girls while the boys were in the water. Sam and Nelly were building sand castles down by the shore. “I found this shell!” I heard Nelly shout. “Great!” Sam shouted back. “I’m going in the water. Anyone else want to come?” Gabriella asked. “I will,” Maxine said. “Me too, it’s getting too hot,” Sandy said. “You strut your new one piece Gabriella,” I laughed. “I will,” she laughed back. They went off into the water and it was just Mum, Ashley and I left sun bathing. “It is quite hot. Does anyone want an ice cream?” Mum asked. “Yes please,” I said, “Chocolate. Thanks Mum.” “That’s sounds like a good plan. I will come with you to get them,” Ashley said. They both walked off to the ice cream van that was near the beach on one of the parks. I was sun bathing by myself now. “Hey hottie!” a guy shouted. I looked out of my sun glasses and saw a group of boys looking at me. “You’re sexy!” another one shouted. They started to walk closer but I stayed were I was. They came in the way of the sun so I lifted my shades. “Can I help you?” I asked them. There was about five of them. “Yeah, you could fuck me. You’re that girl from my friend’s school who is a slut,” one said. “I haven’t even had sex before you idiots,” I said to make it clear. “Can I be your first sexy?” he asked. “Fuck off,” I said. “Woah! Feisty. I like it,” he smiled. “Go away please,” I told them. “but you’re a slut. Don’t you want to have some fun you whore,” he said. “OY!” Sam shouted from b=behind. “GET AWAY FROM HER!” “Who’s that? You’re man whore?” he asked. “NO! MY BROTHER! NOW FUCK OFF!” I shouted at them. “Back off!” my brother threatened pushing one of the guys to the floor. “Woah dude, sorry,” one guy said sarcastically. They all walked off back were they came from. “You okay?” Sam asked me. “Yeah,” I sighed. This was pathetic. It’s like everyone knows me from the rumours. This is not good. I’m just so fed up.

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