Isn't She Lovey- I Want You Back

Teenage life ain't always the easiest for the two children on once famous Niall Horan and Isabell Horan. What come's with teenage life can haunt you in the future. bad memories could come spinning back and like could be turned around. So what memories are Sam and Charlotte making?


7. I Want To Go Back


“Here you go,” Sam said passing me a hot cocoa. “Thanks bro,” I smiled. We were sat in the back garden covered in blankets. “Sam?” I called him. He was just getting comfy next to me under the sheets. “Yea?” he responded. “Please don’t tell Mum or Dad about today with the boys that were at the beach,” I told him. “Okay, I guess, but I really think you should,” he replied. “I don’t want to,” I admitted. “Okay then,” he said facing the stars. We started into the night sky admiring the sparkles above. The sky at night is so beautiful.

    “I guess I should be getting some sleep. I have school tomorrow,” I said to Sam getting up from where I sat. “You’re not going Charlotte. You’re off for a while,” he said. “Oh…,” was all that I could say. “You want to go don’t you?” he sighed. “Well…yeah I do. I can’t run from them forever,” I explained. “You can at least get some time off for a few days though,” he protested. “NO! Jimmy Protested!” Louis walked out to where we were. “Louis,” I laughed. “Yes?” he smiled, “How are you both?” “Good,” Sam smiled. “And the pretty lady?” Louis turned to me. I like how the boys always make me smile, no matter the case. “I’m good thank you Louis,” I smiled. “That’s good. Why you both out here? It’s freezing,” he questioned. “We wanted some air,” Sam answered. “Makes sense. Come on, you should come and sit with everyone else,” Louis gestured them to follow. “I was just going to go to bed,” I said. “No anymore,” he laughed, “Come on you two.” We sat with the others in the lounge for a bit until I realized I should tell Mum about wanting to go to school. I took Mum into the kitchen.

    “Mum, I want to go to school tomorrow,” I said quickly to get it over with. My skin was covered with goose bumps. “Darling, why?” she asked. She was quite shocked, I could tell. “I don’t want to hide all the times that I get hurt,” I gathered the information in my head as I spoke. “I guess you have a point sweetie. I trust that you will be okay going back?” she asked. I nodded in agreement. “Okay then I guess. Start when you want darling, but be careful. I don’t want you wrecking yourself.” I said my good nights and went off to bed. I was planning on going to school tomorrow. I can’t hide away forever. I settled down under the sheets and dozed off to sleep.

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