Isn't She Lovey- I Want You Back

Teenage life ain't always the easiest for the two children on once famous Niall Horan and Isabell Horan. What come's with teenage life can haunt you in the future. bad memories could come spinning back and like could be turned around. So what memories are Sam and Charlotte making?


13. I Know That Smell Charlotte


"You better be getting home now Charlotte," Dev said. I looked at him as my side effects eased off.

"Trying to get rid of me?" I laughed. 

"No, but you family will be worrying, its 12:30 pm," he answered.

"Oh! I didn't realize," I reacted. I said my goodbyes to Dav and Kay and off I went back home. I walked at a reasonably fast pace and at points I would slowly run to try cut time down. When I finally made it home, it must of been around 1:00 am because there where no lights on in the house. I went round the back to check the back door and I saw Liam sitting on the step. 

"Liam? What you doing awake at this time? Also, why are you out here?" I asked him.

"How about not asking me those questions, but asking yourself," he answered back.

"Sorry Liam," I admitted and lowered my head in same.

"Come on, get inside. I told your Mum you were in bed already," he shook his head in shame.

As I went to walk past him as he opened the door for me, "Wait stop!" He pulled me back outside and closed the door. He started to whisper as he said, "I know that smell Charlotte." 

"What are you on about?" I thought about what he was saying. Wait...the drugs! Oh no! He found out.

"Charlotte, you know damn well what I'm on about. Why did you do it?" I could hear and sense slight anger in his voice, but I could see he was trying to control it.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know what else to do," I ran past him and went upstairs to my room. I closed the door and ran straight to my bed balling my eyes out. I know I shouldn't of done it, but it helped me. After a bit of crying, I felt a huge wet patch on my covers where my tears had fallen, and still, that patch was getting wetter and wetter.

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