Isn't She Lovey- I Want You Back

Teenage life ain't always the easiest for the two children on once famous Niall Horan and Isabell Horan. What come's with teenage life can haunt you in the future. bad memories could come spinning back and like could be turned around. So what memories are Sam and Charlotte making?


3. Family Reunion


       "What should I wear?" I asked myself as I opened the wardrobe door. Ahh ha! Go it. I stepped in my wardrobe and unhooked a baby blue dress from the rack. Perfect is what the dress was. It's so frilly and the fabric is so soft. I slid the dress over my head and gosh, did it look nice. I'm not saying it looked nice on me, I was just saying that the dress looked so nice. It would look nice on anyone. I twirled around in the mirror showing it off to myself. I think my reflection was jealous of me. I curled my hair around my shoulder and put a white flower headband to finish the look. *KNOCK KNOCK* on the door. "Come in," I answered. "Hey darling," Mum opened the door, "Change of plan. We are going to a restaurant instead of them coming round." "Okay, that will be fun," I said. "Glad you think so. We will meet in the hallway in about 5 minutes," she added and closed the door as she left. "Awwww," I sighed. This means I have to also choose shoes to go with the dress. I was't going to wear any because we were going to stay home but now what should I do. "OH WAIT!" I stopped my thought. I have so silver shoes somewhere. I ran to my shoe box knowing I was running out of time. "Here they are," I brought them out the box and slipped them on my feet. Awesome. "Come on Charlotte!" Dad shouted from down stairs. "Coming!" I shouted back. I quickly added some mascara and ran down stairs. "Beautiful," Mum commented. Sam and Dad both agreed. "Thank you," I blushed. "You're welcome. Now, we all ready?" Mum said. "Yes let's go," Sam said opening the door for us all. "Thanks," I said as I passed him. He closed the door behind him and we got into the car. When we arrived at the restaurant, which looked really fancy by the way, we went inside and sat at our table. "Well, well, look who's here," I heard Louis' voice from behind. I turned around to see him standing there with his wife Sandy. "LOUIS! SANDY!" I shot up and gave them both huge hugs then the others came round. "HELLO!" a huge grin was placed on my face. I gave them all huge hugs until in came to uncle Liam. "Hello Liam," I smiled and hugged him tight. I know how much he's done for Mum so I respect him gratefully. Like when I was I was kidnapped when I was younger, he was by Mum's side the whole way through. It's kind of scary to think that I got kidnapped. I kind of remember it, but not very distinctly. "We missed you guys," Harry said. We all sat at our seats and I sat next to Liam and Sam. We ordered our food, which was so expensive. I was looking through the menu, like I always do, to look for the cheapest meal. "Honey, don't worry about it," my Mum said over the table. I saw Liam looking at me in confusion. "She's too polite," my Mum said to him. He smiled at looked over my shoulder at the menu. "That one sounds good," he pointed to the spaghetti. I looked at the price and it was one of the most expensive dishes there. I shook my head in disapproval. "Okay, I know what it is. Too expensive for you isn't it?" he said. "Well....yeah," I admitted. "Don't worry about price. You're Dad's paying for it and he's loaded," he laughed. "But that money could be used a whole different way, like for charities," I stated. "You're Dad's got enough to go around," he protested. "Well, okay. I guess  I will just get the chicken and salad," I gave in. Well, at least it wasn't very expensive. "Okay," Liam agreed. We got our food and enjoyed the rest of the night chatting to each other and updating on what we missed. At the end of our deserts and after we had talked at the table for a while we set off home. This was a really great night and it was good to catch back up with my uncles. When we got home I said my good nights and went to bed because I have school in the morning. Sam went to bed also. I was trying to get to sleep when all I could hear was the laughter of the adults down stairs. They were obviously drinking because they were much louder than usual, but it was still a reasonable level of sound. Nelly was sleeping in my old room that I use to have as a kid. She was so adorable. She has grown up so much since I last saw her. I was thinking about the whole family for a while until I slowly drifted off to sleep.



        I was sat in bed finishing off my homework I hadn't done. Oops. I could hear all the adults down the stairs in the living room having the time of their lives while the kids were up here in bed, but I really didn't mind. As I was trying to concentrate, my mind slowly moved into the thought of Charlotte. I worried for her. I know she seems so giddy and happy, but she's amazing at hiding her emotion, except for today when she broke down. Poor girl. It's not fair that every one picks on her. Just because she kissed her ex and he lied saying they did everything you could think of, still doesn't make her a whore, slut, prostitute or porn star, so why are they calling her those types of things? It's not nice. Bless her poor little helpless heart. She can't do anything to stop it on her own, but she won't let any of us help. She says that she has it under control, but I don't think she does. I will keep my eye on her at school and make sure she's safe myself. I love her so much and if anything was to happen to my awesome sister, I would be devastated. Thought after thought rushed in and out of my head as I slowly fell off to sleep.  

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