New Guys

It's a simple story about friends... Two new guys... Two Brothers... and two best friends... 2 girls and 2 boys... And maybe even a extra... From meeting them out of nowhere, to being inseripable... The Bravory of a girl standing up, and the caurage from a boy being freed from his friend...


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7:


“O-Over a month?” I repeated disbelief clearly in my voice. I couldn’t have been out for a month… Could I? Michael just nodded, tightening his hold on my hand. “Everyone has been worried sick. Some thought you wouldn’t wake up…” he said but mumbled the last part. Suddenly the door flew open, “Julia!” Riley yelled closing the phone in his hand, Riley’s my older brother. Whoa wait! “What are you doing here?” I asked, lifting myself higher. “Ow!” Damn I forgot about my wrist… “Whoa whoa Tiger…” he smiled walking over to me and helping me up, Gosh I missed him… “You didn’t answer my question…” I mumbled as he and Michael lifted me. When they finished, Riley carefully sat at the end of my bed, making sure he wouldn’t hurt my sprained ankle. “I came on the first flight available when I heard what happened, even though the guys and I were snowboarding in Japan, I would always come to my baby sisters aid…” he smiled, giving me a huge hug and I hugged him back. Riley finished school last year and he was doing a gap year with his mates. That’s the reason he hasn’t been around for a while.



“Where are mum and dad?” I asked, while removing my arms from around him. “They went home last night. They’ve been here ever since they were called. I insisted on them to leave and get a goodnight sleep, that’s if I stayed by your side and called if anything changes.” He replied, “They’ve been so worried. It’s not even funny… Remember when I broke my arm when I was little?” he asked and I nodded, it was a fun day until he fell off the monkey bars. “They were worse than that… and that’s saying something…” I cringed at the memory of them at the hospital, that day mum was crying for some reason and dad was freaking out. It scared the hell out of me and especially Riley since he was the one with the broken arm… I turned my face from Riley to Michael, “Where is everyone else? Are they alright?” I asked, getting myself scared at what they would be going through. They saw me get hit by a car… That would be seriously traumatizing…



“They’re alright… I think they went to get something to eat. Chelsea and Mia refused to leave you during this but we all had to leave since we have school and that we weren’t allowed to stay pass visiting times...” he shrugged, “They should be here any minute-“



“JULIA!!” a chorus of voices yelled, causing the three of us to jump slightly. Before I could turn my head I was getting squashed from both sides. “DON’T YOU EVER DO THAT TO ME AGAIN!” Mia shouted, hugging me tightly from the left. “DON’T YOU DARE!” Chelsea shouted from my right, squishing me in a hug.



I winced in pain when Chelsea leaned on my wrist, and when Mia touched my once dislocated shoulder. I tried breathing in but they also seemed to have lessened my breathing ability with their tight hug. Riley noticed my distress and tried to save me from the pain.



“Guys... She’s injured… So…” Riley started, grabbing Chelsea by her shoulders and pulling her slightly. Chelsea didn’t budge a little. Riley sighed, letting go of Chelsea and stepping back. A smile was tugging on the end of his lips. He breathed in deeply, “LET GO OF HER!” he shouted at the two, who both let go at an instance. I gasped at the sudden urge to breathe. I glared at the two, cradling my wrist. “Sorry Jules…” Chelsea muttered, looking at me apologetically. “We didn’t mean to… It’s just…” Mia started, looking at me with moist eyes. I stared at her with sympathy. “Aww guys… Don’t cry! I’m right here and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon…” I smiled, trying to lighten the mood. Chelsea sniffled, rubbing her nose slightly. “Come here!” I smiled weakly, opening my arms. Both of them shot into my arms, silent tears running down their faces. “Please don’t do that again Jules…” Mia muttered. “Hopefully it won’t ever happen again…” I said back.



Mia and Chelsea soon let go and I sat up in my bed. Michael was still by my side, as was Riley. Mia and Chelsea both retired to the couch that was under the large window on my left. “So what have I missed…?” I asked hesitantly. Michael looked at the girls then back at me, “Nothing really…” He shrugged, “Everyone was hoping you’d wake up soon and people said they had you in their prayers, some even came and visited…” He finished. I looked at him with a confused expression, “Who…?” I asked, shuffling closer to him. “Oh… Josh and his friends, Aaron and MJ. Some group of girls, I think their names were Cara, Bianca and Audrey…?” he said, bring his knee up and sitting in the thinking pose. I chuckled slightly at his appearance, “Josh, Aaron and MJ? I’ve known them since we started primary school… As for Cara, Bianca and Audrey... they’re on my soccer team. ” I smiled, remembering some of the only people that have actually been my friends during the years… “Yeah, they all wished you good health…” Mia smiled, “Come to think of it… I gotta go call them and tell them you’re awake.” Mia stated, standing up and grabbing her phone, “I’ll be back…” She smiled, walking to the door and leaving.



After she left we sat and talked for a bit longer, Riley was mostly telling me about his trips around the world. Bloody lucky boy… Soon enough I heard a loud ruckus from behind the door. Turning my head to face it, I stared at it with a blank expression for a while before it opened.



Two figures rushed into the room, both boys. “Chase, Luke!” I smiled friendly at them, waving my uninjured hand in a hello. Before I could put my hand down I was shocked by a hug. Two muscular arms wrapped around me, cutting off my air momentarily. “You’re okay! You’re okay!” I voice chanted. I looked down to see Chase hugging me tightly. I laughed, “You think your gonna loose me that easily? Think again my friend!” I grinned as he pulled away. He smiled at me, his eyes slightly red.


Then I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see Luke standing there with his arms wide open. He had his signature Snapback on his head. “Am I gonna get a hug?” he asked, pouting jokingly. I laughed, patting the spot beside me, “Come sit…”



He grinned and sat beside me, pulling me into a hug when he sat. “You finally decided to join us, hm?” he smirked. I smiled and looked at him, “Yeah… I just want to have a quick powernap…” I winked, smiling the whole time. Leave it to Luke to brighten any day, no matter how everyone is feeling.


I spent the rest of the day talking with everyone, catching up on what was happening and how everyone was. Soon, too soon, it was time for the others to leave. They promised me they would visit tomorrow, every single one promised to see me, in the morning and stay throughout the day. The doctor actually said that it was fine for me to leave in a day or two. He said that my body was strong enough to actually do things for itself now, and that I did most of my healing when I was in a coma. He’d even said that my cast was coming off soon! I was more than happy to go home so early. My friends and family said their goodbyes and left me in the hospital room where I fell straight to sleep when the last person walked out.

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