New Guys

It's a simple story about friends... Two new guys... Two Brothers... and two best friends... 2 girls and 2 boys... And maybe even a extra... From meeting them out of nowhere, to being inseripable... The Bravory of a girl standing up, and the caurage from a boy being freed from his friend...


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6-


Everything slowed down when I saw the car shooting down the road, “JULIA! WATCH OUT!” but it was too late. The car collided into her left side and she jolted down to her right. I was already running towards her, without even noticing. I made it to her and slid on my leg and landed next to her. “Julia… Oh my god, Julia please be alright.” I reached down towards her neck and placed two figures down, searching for a pulse. “She’s alive, but her pulse is slower than it should be! Someone call 000!!” I yelled over my shoulder.

I turned around and looked at everyone; Chase was running over to us. Mia was on the ground crying her eyes out, yelling ‘Why couldn’t it have been me?’ and Luke was by her side comforting her, holding her close. Chelsea was rambling through her bag looking for what I think was her phone, tears running down her cheeks. I turned to the car and saw a lady, in her mid 20’s come slowly out of the car, she looked like some sort of ghost. Shock and fear was planted on her face. “Don’t just stand there! Call for help!” I yelled to her. She instantly ran to her car and grabbed her phone.

Chase reached me, “Oh f**k no, this can’t be happening!” his hands where in his face, “It’s my fault...” he mumbled. “It’s no one’s fault! Just help me help her!” I snapped, his face instantly looked at me. He nodded and we turned to her, “Alright I think we should move her...” he said quietly. We both reached towards her but a shout stopped us, “DON’T TOUCH HER!” I turned my head to face were the sound came from. Chelsea was running towards us, while Luke and Mia were trailing slowly behind her. “Don’t touch her! You might make things worse!” Chelsea said, finally reaching us. Chase and I looked at her in disbelief, “My mum’s a nurse…” she said simply, “We just have to wait…”

As soon as Chelsea finished talking, a siren sounded. We all snapped our heads to the direction the sound was coming from. They came down and stopping right next to Julia’s unconscious body. Paramedics came storming out and around Julia, each yelling out a command that others must follow. Chase, Chelsea and I were in the way. Chelsea went over to Mia and they hugged, crying into each other’s shoulders. Chase and I refused to move, so they practically ripped us from her side.

The paramedics came and did what they had to do. They put Julia on one of those gurneys, plugged her to a couple of machines, and gently lifted her into the ambulance. Before they left Chelsea went up to one of the paramedics and asked what hospital they were going to. Chels came back and said they were taking her to Johnson’s Emergency Hospital. Not far from here actually, but we need a ride.

I turned and faced the women that hit Julia, “Would you be able to drive us?” I asked with pleading eyes. She just walked past me and dropped the keys at my feet. “Um…” I turned around and looked at her, “THANKS!” I yelled, picking up the keys and running to the car. We all piled in the car; I gave Luke the keys since he’s pro at Go-Kart. We all buckled up and Luke turned the keys, the car roared. “This won’t be so hard, would it?” he asked turning towards me. I shrugged, “Just get going.”


The 5 of us rushed through into Emergency, each of us gasping for air. I ran up to the information desk, “Has Julia Hudson entered into the hospital?” I asked quickly, completely out of breath. The reception lady looked up at me, “Julia Hudson?” she asked her eyes as wide as an owls. I looked at the ladies name tag, Kathrin Hale? Isn’t that Chelsea’s last name-

“Mum!” I turned to see Chelsea running towards me, tears now streaming faster down her cheeks, “Chelsea? What are you doing here?” Mrs Hale asked, looking into her daughters moist eyes. Chelsea sniffed, “Its Julia-“

Suddenly the doors flew open, paramedics screaming out commands, and they wheeled Julia into the room, “NURSE!” one screamed, Mrs Hale ran to his aid, “Clear the way, she has to be taken into surgery!” he shouted. Mrs Hale’s face went pale at the sight of Julia. But she did what she was asked. They pushed her through another set of double doors, some people were still screaming. We all just stared in shock; I ran in after them but was stopped by Chase, “Michael… Stop… We can’t help…” He whispered.

I sighed deeply and went over to the closest seat, dropping down into it. My head fell in my hands, “Please be alright...”



I strained myself to open my eyes. Pain shot through my head, like a million hammers hitting inside it. I opened my eyes to find myself getting blinded by a very bright light. “Argh… Someone turn of the light…” I mumbled, bringing my hand up to cover my eyes. Well trying to cover my eyes, my wrist was rather heavy and a pain crept from the tip of my figures to my wrist. Holy, ow… what the fruitcake? I looked over at my wrist, trying to find the reason why my wrist hurt. My eyes finally adjusted, and- and there was a cast on my right wrist. A cast on my- HOW DID I GET A CAST ON MY WRIST- Oh ow... My head… I should not shout mentally… I squeezed my eyes shut, while trying to move my hand up to my forehead but stopped. A hand was holding mine. “J-Julia…?”

I opened my eyes, looking around. “You’re awake!” I turned to my left to see Michael, which looked like crap, holding my right hand tightly. “Michael…?” I whispered, looking into his eyes. Everything then flashed back into my mind, meeting the boys, trying to beat Chase, him complimenting me, me running off, and then getting myself hit by a car… “Michael…” I whimpered, tears starting to form. “What happened…?” I whispered, looking up at him and into his eyes.

He looked at me concern in his eyes, and then he looked down. “When you got hit, there was lots of damage. You broke your right wrist, sprained an ankle, got a couple of cracked ribs, you also dislocated your shoulder.” He whispered, looking back up me. “And there was the bruising and the scratches you received when sliding on the road. There was also bruising to the brain, you’re going to have some headaches for a while, and the bruising will never leave.” He finished, tears in his eyes.

“H-How long have I been out?” I said horsely, gripping his hand tighter. He looked down and sighed. “How long Michael?” I asked with pleading eyes. He looked up at me, “Over a month…”
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