New Guys

It's a simple story about friends... Two new guys... Two Brothers... and two best friends... 2 girls and 2 boys... And maybe even a extra... From meeting them out of nowhere, to being inseripable... The Bravory of a girl standing up, and the caurage from a boy being freed from his friend...


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5-

My eyes opened as fast as they could, someone was dragging me out of bed... Their hand over my mouth and the other pulling me... I turned my head and take a look at the face...
I grabbed and threw the hand away from my mouth. "Mia...?" I whispered... I heard a slight giggle escape her mouth. "Yes yes it's me..." she laughed quietly...

I raised an eyebrow, "N-No it's not!"
"IT'S CHELS!" My other friend screamed quietly.
I jolted up right, "What the heck are you doing! It's Monday night! We have school tomorrow!"
"Nooooooo! Remember how they said we have three days off, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday? Well, that's today, sunshine!" Chelsea explained.

I groaned and pushed my face into my pillow, "It's freaking 8:00a.m.! Let me go back to sleep! I need it!" I mumbled, my pillow engulfing my mouth. "Oh sure, just one sec..." Chelsea said smugly, "Maybe you just need a bit of... LIIIIGHT!"

The blinds flung open and I screeched in pain as if the light pierced my skin. "Wake up Julia!" Chelsea screamed, kicking my side (softly). "No! Go away!" I groaned shutting the blinds again.

"WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UUUUUUUUUPPPPP!" Chelsea screeched in my face.

I rolled my eyes and decided to get up. Chelsea was not going to let me get some shut eye. I stumbled out of my bed and my eyes adjusted to light. Chelsea wore a sleeveless white shirt, really ripped denim jeans with a white belt, and black white and grey DC high-tops. Her hair was in a low side ponytail with a black headband and a ribbon around the ponytail. She had white pearl earrings, a zipper bracelet and a beaded one, and she had her black Ray-Bans on her head. I also noticed her black backpack and white skateboard by the doorway. As I did so, I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and pulled open my drawer.

"So? What should we do today, Miss Krupa?" Chelsea asked as I scoured for an outfit, "Wait, wait, and wait. First you've gotta inform me about what happened yesterday."

I pulled out a shirt and smiled, "Well... I went up against Jake and got a bruise on my side, just to defend someone."
"WHAT?! Julie, noooo. That's not good at all. You don't know what Jake is capable of..." Chelsea frowned. "I do, Chels, trust me. I'm not scared of him at all; he's just a big douche bag." I laughed, finding a pair of socks. "Who was it you defended? Was it Mima...? OH MY GOD IS SHE ALRIGHT! WHY WOULD JAKE-"
"Chelsea!" I yelled, grabbing her shoulders and shaking her, "It wasn't Mia! It was a guy..."
"OOOOOOH!" Chelsea swooned, "What's his name?"
I blushed, "His name is Michael, he just moved here with his brother Luke."
Chelsea nodded and checked the time on her watch, "Shi... I mean... Sherbet. We gotta go get Mia!" Chelsea (almost) cursed, checking her watch. I was hauled out of my bedroom after I was changed and out the door.

She just dragged me out in what I was wearing, my ripped denim jeans, a peach coloured singlet that has 43 in white writing across it and my denim shirt. I left it open and I rolled the sleeves up so they were just above my elbow. I chucked my white Nike high-tops, some bracelets that I got when I went over to Bali; I put my silver dog tags on and just left my black diamond studs. I tied my hair up in a messy high ponytail, and popped my cream coloured Ray-Bans on my head. Before we left the house fully, I swung my grayish-brown backpack over my shoulder, pocketed my iPhone and grabbed my flame skateboard.

We hurried next door and we arrived at Mia's house, where she was impatiently waiting at the front doorstep. She was tapping her foot impatiently on the ground in her black scissor cut leggings, a pink and purple galaxy singlet, she had her peach coloured Vans on and her Ray-Bans were on her head. She had her dark brown, almost midnight black, hair out and she had straightened them so they weren’t the natural curls that she hates. She wore her usual white, black and brown bracelets, and her signature gold hoop earrings. She swung her black backpack on and grabbed her skateboard.

"You took your time!" Mia cried, clutching her board in her hands. "Sorry! We got a bit held up and SOMEBODY was busy sleeping!" Chelsea huffed, frowning straight at me. "You know what? Let’s just get going... I wanna get to the skate park BEFORE I die..." Mia smirked, laying down the skateboard. "Hey! We didn't POSSIBLY take THAT long!" I frowned, sticking my tongue out. "Just... whatever. Let’s go..." Mia smiled as we placed down our skateboards on the concrete and began skating.

"Julia! Mia!" A voice called from behind us. "Oh, now what?" Chelsea rolled her eyes and we spun around. "HEY! Michael! Luke!" I cried as they headed over to us, "Who's the friend?"

He had brown hair that side-fringed down the left side of his face. He wore some ray-bans and held a skateboard in his hand and gave a warm, friendly smile...

"Allow me to introduce myself..." He laughed, slipping his ray-bans up onto his forehead, revealing his brown eyes, "I'm Chase, I'm Michael and Luke's cousin."
"Nice to meet you," I grinned, giving Chase a handshake, "I'm Julia and these are my friends Chelsea and Mia."

"Hello!" Mia grinned. Chelsea blushed and politely accepted his hand, "Hi... Nice to meet you!"
"Chase is staying at our place for a while, half of his school burnt down." Luke explained.
"Oh, that's terrible." Mia said. Chase shook his head, "Nah, not really. I'm glad cause I really don't know how long I have off school, so I'm just going take it easy with my cousins."
"Well, we're off to the skate park; I'm guessing you guys are too?" I asked, gripping my board closer to my side. "Yep, that's what's planned!" Michael grinned, showing his own board. "Great minds think alike!" Chelsea laughed as we all headed off. Each of us put our boards down and pushed off. Up front was Chase, my guess he’s “Pro”, after him was Chels and Mima; they’re not that bad but still need a little work. After them was Luke and Mitch, as for me I was trailing behind. Mia stopped and turned to face me, “Oi Juls! How come you’re at the back?” She laughed, turning back to look at everyone. Chase was up front, “Hold up, I’ll show you guys something…” he smirked, Luke and Michael push us girls back, “I would keep my distance…” Luke stated.

Chase stood on his board, “Ready?” he asked, turning to us. We all nodded. He turned back and pushed off. He did a simple Bigflip on his board. He stopped his board and faced us, “Ta-Da!” he smiled, doing sprit figures. I let out a low giggle, while Chelsea and Mia praised him with that trick. “My shot…” I smirked, pushing the guys out of my way, jokingly of corse. I stood on my board and just turned my head, “All ready?” I smiled, “Go for it...” Chase stated, crossing his arms across his chest. I pushed off and did something I learnt not to long ago actually, it’s called a Gazelle Flip, pretty simple. I shifted my board to a stop; I turned around and bowed in a mocking way, “Ta-Da!”

I looked up to find everyone just staring at me, “WOOOO!” Chelsea cooed jumping into the air, “That’s epic Brah!” Luke smiled, coming up to me and we fist bumped. “Awesome sista,” Mia smiled, “That was just. God you’re amazing…” Michael smiled. I blushed, “Thanks…”

Chase was still silent, “Wow…” he finally grinned, “How long have you been skating?” He asked, walking towards me. “A while now, been skating since I was little…” I smiled, picking up my board. “Well then, you’re like really, and I mean really, good.” He smiled, “Better than me actually!” he laughed, while scratching the back of his neck. He was rather cute when he- WHOA WHOA WHOA! Did I just? No… Think of something else, think of something else!

“LAST ONE TO THE PARK PAYS FOR LUNCH!!” I yelled, racing off leaving Chase, as well as everybody else. “JULIA!!” They all yelled, I just laughed, keeping my corse, “JULIA, WATCH OUT!!”

After those words everything felt as if it was in slow motion. There was a blinding flash to my left, and a loud noise. I felt a sudden pain climbed my left leg, and I jolted to the right with a very strong force. I slid across the asphalt; it cut my lower arms and scratched my face. I hit my head hard on the ground as I collided with it. All I heard were screams that called out my name before I fell unconscious.
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