Love Takes You In One Direction

Juliet is an old friend of One Direction. She ends up developing a crush on one of the members of the band, not knowing that he likes her back, along with another member of the group. Who will she end up with in the end???


8. Not you......

The next morning, you woke up to find a note. It read,”Hey Juliet! Me, Jenny, and the guys went to the store to get some food. See you in a little! -Niall and Harry.” You heard the doorbell ring so you ran downstairs- thinking it was Harry- to answer it. You opened the door to find that it was your abusive ex-boyfriend Mason. “So i heard that your dating this Harry Styles guy. What does he have that I don’t?” Mason said. He tried to kiss you but you pushed him away and scream,”No!” Wrong choice. He slapped your face and pushed you down on the ground. You tried to reach for the phone but he picked you up and threw you on the stairs. “OWWWWWWWWW!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” you screamed in pain. Your vision started to get blurry and the last thing you saw was the door opening and The guys walking in, Harry dropping the food, and them all staring at Mason. You woke up. You were on a stretcher and there were doctors and nurses surrounding you. You were hooked up to a heart monitor and you had blood on you. On your right, Harry was on another stretcher, bloody and unconscious. Suddenly, your vision of Harry started to disappear and doctors covered him. Everything was black. You woke up one more time and you had a cast on your leg. Harry was on your right in another bed. He was unconscious and he had a cast on his leg too. He was moving around but wasn’t waking up. You turned on the TV and saw Niall by the house. Behind him, you could see Mason in handcuffs. You change the channel but every channel you change it to, it says,”Juliet Minner and Harry Styles in hospital after Juliet’s abusive ex-boyfriend, Mason Canet, beat up both Juliet and Harry after finding out that Harry and Juliet are dating. Here, we have Niall Horan to give us more info.”  You turned off the TV and you saw Harry moving. “Juliet?” he asked. You looked at Harry and screamed,”HARRY!!!!!!! Thank you so much for saving me!” “Where are we? Why is there a cast on my leg?” he asked.“We’re in the hospital. You saved me.” you said.“Oh, now I remember. That guy beat you and I thought you were dead. So, I beat him to keep him occupied while Niall called 911. I must have passed out because I don’t remember anything else. Who was that guy anyway?” he said. “That was Mason. He’s my abusive ex-boyfriend. He came to the house ‘cause he saw the picture of you and me on TV and he said,’What’s so much better about him than me?’ and then he tried to kiss me so I pushed him and he slapped me across my face. I fell on the floor and i tried to reach the phone to call 911, but he picked me up and threw me on the stairs. I screamed and then my vision started to disappear. The last thing I saw was you walk in.” you explained. “Why didn’t  you tell me you had an abusive ex-boyfriend? I mean, we were best friends even before we were dating.” Harry asked. “Well, you’ve been kinda busy lately with all the tours and everything.” you replied. “True,” he said back, “So when do you think we're going to get out of here?” “I don’t  know but heres the doctor, I’ll ask him.” you said.     The tall, old, chubby doctor walked into the room. “So i see both of you are awake.” he said.“Yeah. When are we going to go home?” you asked.“Well, some time tomorrow, if you guys don’t mind using crutches. Your hands will be better by tomorrow so you’ll be able to crutch.” he answered. “O.k. Thanks!” you exclaimed.” It was getting pretty late and you were very tired so you said goodnight to Harry. “Night babe. Love you.” “Love you too, Love.” he said back. He grabbed your hand and you both quickly fell asleep. It was the next day and you and Harry both got crutches and got to go back to the house. Everyone greeted you guys you thanked Niall for helping to save you. “No problem. I was glad i could help.” Niall replied. Jenny was leaving and she was hugging everyone- especially Niall- and saying goodbye. She left and Niall was sad for a little bit, but you made him feel better by hanging out with him, playing games with him, and making jokes. Harry was being crazy all night and fell asleep on the couch right next to you. It was only 8 P.M. and you couldn’t believe he fell asleep already, but you do remember his crazy behavior and he is on crutches. Niall moved onto the couch that you were on and put his hand around you. When he did this, Harry’s head fell on your lap. You loved playing with his curly hair so you messed it up and it looked like he just got out of a train wreck! Everyone saw this and started laughing. You laughed too. “I wonder why Harry fell asleep so early.” Louis said.“Well, he is on crutches and he was acting all crazy today.” Liam replied. “And he was acting quite jealous.” Zayn called out. “Please, please, don’t even say that,” you said to Zayn,”What do you mean by that anyway?” “Well, you were hanging out with Niall all day long and you know how Harry feels about that.” “Shut up Zayn. She was only hanging out with me because Jenny left and I was sad.” Niall said.“Ok. Then how come your arm is around her right now!?” He was right. Why was his arm around you? Why didn’t you stop him from doing it? You saw Niall saying something but your ears blacked out because you were so much in shock. A tear slipped away like a secret agent from your eye and another agent from the other. You didn’t realize you were making Harry feel like this. “No, no. This isn’t happening. Is that why he’s been acting like this?” you asked. “Probably.” Liam said.“No, not again!” you exclaimed/“Sorry love.” Louis said with symphony. You crutched up to your room and tried to fall asleep but all you could do was think about how Harry must have felt.

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