Love Takes You In One Direction

Juliet is an old friend of One Direction. She ends up developing a crush on one of the members of the band, not knowing that he likes her back, along with another member of the group. Who will she end up with in the end???


11. MORE!

A/N do you guys think i should change the 'you' to 'I'? comment on what you think! :)

"Morning babe!" Liam exclaimed. You woke up to see Liam looking down at you. He kissed you and then you said, "Morning, Love." You get dressed while Liam makes breakfast. You wear Liam's sweat pants and shit, and put some lipstick and perfume on. You run down the stairs, hoping Harry and Niall aren't down there. "Babe, I don't think anyone is home!" Liam called. "Yeah, me either. But there is a note on the table, I'll read it. 'Dear Juliet and Liam, Niall and I are at the store and Louis and Zayn went for brunch with their girlfriends. So, you guys are on your own! - Harry:)xx' Well I guess that explains it." You said. "I guess so. Well, since were alone, come over here." Liam said with a smirk on his face. You walk over to him and give him a peck on the lips. "I don't think so," He said and pulled you back in. You smiled into the kiss and bit his bottom lip. He picked you up and out you on the counter. You took off his shirt, revealing his abs. You out your hands down them and he stared to pull of your shirt. You two were about to kiss just when the smoke alarms started to go off. Liam's bacon was on fire! Liam took a dish towel and started to smacking it. All you could do was laugh and laugh at his stupid action. "Get water!" He exclaimed  You got off the counter and went over to the sink. You turned the water on and took out the sprayer. You pressed down on the handle ad sprayed the fire....and Liam! That just made you laugh even harder. "Sure, laugh at the wet guy." He joked, "How bout a hug?" "No, no,no!" You laughed  trying to push him away. He go his strong arms around you and you both laughed. You looked at him as he looked at you and kissed. "Love you." Liam told you. "Love you, too." You replied. You two kiss one more time when you hear someone knock at the door. You two quickly put on your shirts and answer it. Niall was crying and he ran upstairs, shutting his bathroom door behind him. Harry walked in, with a rather angry look on his face. "What's the matter." Liam asked. "Jenny just broke up with Niall over a text." Harry explained. "That sucks." I mumbled. "Yup." He said back.

Liam pulled you into the kitchen and asked, "Do you have two other friends that could come for them? It would help a lot." "Yeah, but I haven't talked to them in ages. I'll ask them though. They were my childhood best friends." I told him. 

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