Love Takes You In One Direction

Juliet is an old friend of One Direction. She ends up developing a crush on one of the members of the band, not knowing that he likes her back, along with another member of the group. Who will she end up with in the end???


9. I think I found the one

The next morning, you woke up and went down stairs. Everyone was awake and eating breakfast. You sat down next to Harry and he kissed you on the cheek. “Morning, love.” he said.“Morning.” you said back. “We have to go back to the doctors today. We are getting our crutches off.”“What time?” “11:30.” you look at the clock and it says 11:15. “Harry! We have to go now!” you exclaim. You and Harry crutched to the car and drove to the doctors. He took your crutches away, you tried to get use to walking on your foot. You walked around for a couple minutes, and then you were free to go. Harry drove home, but he didn’t exactly drive you home. “Where are we going?” you asked. “You’ll see.” he said. An hour later, you arrived at the beach. “Why are we here?” you asked.“Well, I just thought that we could have some alone time for a little bit.” you kissed him and jumped out of the car. You ran into the water and Harry quickly followed behind. Two hours later, you guys were laying down on the beach. Harry got up and pulled you up with him. “I have a surprise.” he said. “What?” you asked with a laugh. He got down on one knee and said,”Juliet Elizabeth Minner, will you marry me?” “YES!!!!!!!!!!!” you exclaimed. You hugged him and started crying. “Yes, yes, yes!” He kissed you and when you finally stopped, you said,”Now we just have to tell the guys.” “Lets go then.” he said. You guys ran to the car to go back to the house. “NIALL! LIAM! LOUIS! ZAYN! COME DOWN STAIRS!”  you called.“What?” they all asked.“Harry and I are getting married!” you shouted excitedly. BUMP! Niall fell and hit the floor. ‘What?” he asked.“Yea. He just proposed to me on the beach.” you said. Niall got up and he was tearing. He ran up stairs. You ran up to get him and cried,”NIALL! COME BACK!!!!” You finally found him in his room on his bed. “Niall, please listen to me...” “About what? You and Harry? Well i don’t want to listen to that. OK? Why are you guys getting married anyway? You both are only 18!”“Because, we really like each other.” “Well it didn’t look like that when he kissed another girl and I was comforting you and you were hugging me!” “Niall! Please try to understand!”“Understand what? That you like a cheater and you don't like someone who has helped you through all of it?”“No! Niall!” Suddenly, it was quiet. You ran out of the room, you ran downstairs, and outside the house with tears slipping down your cheeks. You ran all the way to the woods and you kept running. You ran inside of the woods and sat down next to a tree. You picked up sticks, rocks, or whatever you could find on the ground and threw it into the creek. The creek was below you and there was grass on the other side. It was muddy where you were sitting and you wanted to get to the grassy side but you were scared. You were scared to jump the creek and you wished there was an easier way to get to the grassy side. It took a lot of thinking but you decided to face your fears and jump the creek. You made it to the other side! You felt far away from the muddy side, but you enjoyed being on the grassy side. You sat down and thought. Was Harry the muddy side and you were scared to go to Niall? Or was it the other way around? You thought and thought and thought when finally, you knew which was which. It was so obvious. You ran home and barged in the door. “JULIET! THERE YOU ARE!” Niall and Harry yelled. “Harry, I can’t marry you.”“What? Why?”“I’m sorry but I can’t. Harry, when I ran to the woods today, I was on the muddy side by the creek. On the other side of the creek, there was grass and I wanted to go over on it, but I was too scared to jump the creek. Finally, I faced my fears and jumped it, and I felt so good that I was on the other side and...”“Wait, so you actually think that I’m the muddy side and Niall is the grassy side? Really?”“I never said that.”“Well, there’s no one else to be the grassy side.”“What if I just don't want to marry you!”“Is that the case?” “No! Your right, but I just didn’t want to admit it.”“I knew it! I thought you were over him! I thought you liked me! But I guess I was wrong.”“Jesus Harry! I do like you, infact, I love you! But I like Niall too and I just can’t do that to him. I’m sorry.”“Yeah, well I’m sorry too.” He walked outside and drove away. You started crying and ran to your room and sat down on your bed and cried even harder. Knock knock knock. “If it’s Niall, please i just want to be alone right now.” “But what if it’s not? What if it’s Liam?” He walked in and gave you a big hug and you cried on his shoulder. He rubbed your back and rocked you back and forth- just like what Niall did when Harry was kissing that girl. “You know, you don’t have to like either of them. Those aren't the only two guys in the whole world.” You came out of the hug and looked at him. “The whole world is a fish and there is a lot of sea around it- I think that’s how it goes.” he said. You both laughed. It got quiet and you both just looked at each other.  You both leaned in for a kiss and both of your lips touched. You guys were kissing and it reminded you about all the other times kissing has happened in here. Alot of time with Harry, and too many times with Niall. You've been kissing for a long time and you don't want to stop.

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