Love Takes You In One Direction

Juliet is an old friend of One Direction. She ends up developing a crush on one of the members of the band, not knowing that he likes her back, along with another member of the group. Who will she end up with in the end???


7. "I look so bad!

You hugged Niall even harder to show Harry that you didn’t want to talk.   “Juliet, please , please listen to me. I didn’t mean to kiss her, I swear.  Just like when you kissed Niall, it was just because I was with her and I Was alone and it was kind of awkward. I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m sorry.”  Harry explained.    “Harry, don’t even bring that up. It’s not me and Niall’s kiss it’s you and Jenny. And when me and Niall kissed, it was different because i wasn’t dating anyone unlike you and Jenny’s kiss. You both were dating someone.” you fought back. “I brought that up because that was the best day of my life. You said yes to going out with me. I didn’t mean to do that. Please, please Juliet.”“Remember when I said we can get back together but no kissing other girls? Well,  I meant that and I’m not sure if we can do this anymore Harry.” “Juliet. No.Please.” You were walking away from Harry and he was trying to pull you back. You walked outside and Harry followed you. “Harry, I don’t want to do this anymore!” you yelled. “Juliet! Listen to me. Your the only girl I see and I know it doesn’t seem like it right now but I’m really telling the truth. Please believe me. Juliet, I love you.” “I’m sorry.” you ran inside and upstairs into your room. Niall was still there on the bed crying. Harry walked in again and said,”You have to. Please.” “Harry, she doesn’t want you here. She doesn’t want you anymore.” Niall interrupted.“Niall, this is none of your business, so shut up. How ‘bout you leave.” Harry said back. “Actually, this is my business. You made out with my girlfriend.” Niall replied.“Hnjfghgjhug.” Harry spoke gibberish in a mumble. “What?” Niall asked. This got on Harry’s nerves so he smacked Niall in the face. Niall hit him back but Harry seemed to be stronger so he punched Niall in the face and Niall fell to the floor. “NIALL!!!!!!!” you screamed. You bent down next to Niall and tried to wake him up. It didn’t work so you stood up and pushed Harry. “How could you!?” you screamed. Zayn and Liam came and woke up Niall. “Niall! Are you ok?” you asked.“Yeah, my face just hurts a little.” he answered. He got up and gave you a hug. You didn’t let go of Niall until Harry yelled,”Juliet, can we please talk?” “Fine,” you said back, “but later.” A couple hours later, Harry asked,”Is it later now?” You pulled him into your room and sat him down on your bed. “What do you want to talk about? There’s nothing you can do to stop me from breaking up with you. Infact, Im break-” Suddenly, you got interrupted because Harry got up and kissed you. You tried to rebel at first, but after a couple seconds, you closed your eyes and kissed him back. “Now will you give me one more chance?” he asked. You shook your head yes and pushed him out the door. You went to your bed and fell on it. “That was even better than the first one!” you thought to yourself.The next morning, Niall came up to your room and asked,”I know this already created trouble, but can Jenny come back for one more day? Please?”“Sure, but just keep her away from Harry.” you said both laughing. Harry was in the doorway the whole time. “I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” Harry said. “Come on, do it for Niall. Remember what you did to him yesterday.” “Oh yeah, sorry ‘bout that.” Harry replied. You called Jenny and she came in about an hour. “Listen Juliet, I’m really sorry about what I did. I..” “It’s fine” you interrupted. “So where’s Niall?” she asked.“In the living room.” you answered. You both ran to the living room and Jenny hugged Niall. “I’m so sorry ‘bout the Harry thing.” she said.“It’s fine.” Niall said back. “How about we all go to the park?” Harry suggested. “Sure!” everyone replied. You all raced each other to the park across the street and Harry stopped short. You weren't looking ahead of you so you bumped into him and you both fell...into a lake! Niall, Jenny, Zayn, Louis, and Liam jumped in after you guys. You and Harry were kissing and so were Jenny and Niall. After a couple hours of running around, it was night and you all had to go home. You turned on the TV to see a picture of you and Harry kissing. “I look so bad!” you thought to yourself.

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