Love Takes You In One Direction

Juliet is an old friend of One Direction. She ends up developing a crush on one of the members of the band, not knowing that he likes her back, along with another member of the group. Who will she end up with in the end???


1. Hey Boys!

Knock knock knock. You knocked on the door. You were scared to see who would see you first. You haven't seen your best friends since they left for the x-factor in 2010. The door creaked open and you were surprised to see it was Harry.”Hi!” you both exclaimed. Harry pulled you in and hugged you for what seemed for an hour! He carried your stuff into your room while you met up with the other guys. Everyone decided to watch a movie. You sat in between Niall and Harry while Zayn, Louis, and Liam sat on the sides of Harry and Niall. In the middle of the movie, you felt your eyes getting heavy. You didn’t want to go to sleep but you couldn’t help it. You soon fell into a deep dreaming about tomorrow. At the end of the movie, the guys realized that you were asleep. Niall was about to pick you up but Harry said,”I got it. You guys go to bed. See you in the morning.” “Night Harry.” said Niall. You woke up to see that you were in Harry’s bed. You realized that Harry is sleeping right next to you...with his arm around your waist. You quickly took his arm off of you. You hear Niall is up so you walk downstairs. “Hey Niall.” you say with a yawn.      “Hey Juliet.” Niall replied. “You wanna watch T.V. with me?” “Sure.” you say back. He turned on “ICarly” and you both watched it. He yawned and put his arm around you. You didn’t stop him cause you kind-of liked it. You turned and looked at him and he looked at you. You looked and looked at each other until he leaned in and kissed you. You were kissing him until you heard a noise like someone clearing their throat. You and Niall turned to see Harry. His face was as red as an apple and tears were streaming down his cheeks. Harry runs out the door and you chase him. He ran to the garden and you follow him. “What’s wrong?” you asked.“You were kissing him.” he answered.    “I didn’t mean to. We were looking at each other and it just sort-of happened. Why would you care anyway?” you asked.    “Because i love you.” he answered. He kissed you and right away, you could tell that he really loved you. It wasn’t like Niall’s kiss, dull and no feeling. He stops kissing you and cries again. You hug him real tight until he speaks. “Juliet, please, will you go out with me?” Your speechless. You turn to look at his red eyes and his cute, big hands holding your small ones. The only word that can come out of your mouth is,”Yes.” He kisses you once more and picks you up in a cradle.

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