Love Takes You In One Direction

Juliet is an old friend of One Direction. She ends up developing a crush on one of the members of the band, not knowing that he likes her back, along with another member of the group. Who will she end up with in the end???


5. Harry you broke the number 1 rule...

The next morning, you woke up to see Niall standing in your doorway. You sat up and rubbed your eyes. He walked closer and you realized he was in his pjs- sweat pants and shirtless. He sat on your bed next to you. “Hey.” you said in a sleepy voice.     “Hi.” he said. “Are you still friends with that girl Jenny?”     “Yeah. I haven't seen her since I came here. Do you think she can come here for a day or two? You know, so i could have some girl time? Maybe you and her could meet up and you know, date a little.” you said with a laugh. “Yeah she can come for a day or two. Ha but maybe about the last part.” You quickly grabbed your new phone and called Jenny. She got there in about an hour or so. She hugged the guys and you. You and her quickly ran upstairs into your bedroom. You told her to get together with Niall and that you and Harry are dating and more things like that. She said that she would go out with Niall. You, Harry, Niall, and Jenny were all hanging all day when Niall pulled you into the kitchen. “What?” you asked him. “I just wanted to say that I really  like Jenny. She’s really pretty and nice. Thanks for coming up with the idea.”“Your welcome. I think you two are great together.” you said back. But when you came back to the living room, you saw yet another thing that will make you cry once again. Harry and Jenny were kissing.

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