Was i crazy!?!?!

enjoy the rollarcoaster

its life


1. Was i crazy!?!?

I sprinted to the entrance,

Lining up behind the,

streched queue,

Tapping my foot,

I walked 2cm every 10 seconds,

Moaning and groaning,

But having a little tingle of sensation of fear,

Though that didn't show on the outside,

What did was a broad smile,

One that extended from one side to another,

It was time,

The strap trapped my entire body,

Everyone was screaming but that was about to be changed,

Into crying,

I wasnst sure how fast it was going at the start,

But i felt i was moving like a snail,

Then suddenly,


The carriage shot straight ahead,

Uh-oh I take back what i said before,

Now I was moving at supersonic speed,

I was traveeling so fast,

My surrounding were just a blur of vision,

The carriage stopped at the very peak,

A few seconds later,nothing,

A minute later,still nothing,

BAM!!!! It shot down at 365 k/h,

For a moment I thought superman took us for a ride,

Chains rattled at the same speed my heart beats,

It finally came to a end,

I came out of the carriage,

legs wobbling,

i want to vomit,

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