A 1D Love Story

Eve was just a small town girl, but when she meets One Direction, it all changes. She finds herself going through many tough challenges. Will she be able to live a life with the boys? Or will her heart be crushed and torn to pieces? It's all her choice. Does she want that romance, or that bore of loneliness? Find out, in "A 1D Love Story"


17. Time For Some Good News

It was a quick ride to get back to Melbourne. No stop overs and the pilot decided to take the quick way back. Eve walked in. The house was silent. Where was everyone? Louis wasn't even in sight. Eve walked into the backyard, and found a long path of rose petals. It led into the pool. Floating on the pool was a piece of cardboard with rose petals on it. There were words. And those words were....

"Will you marry me?" Louis asked as he came out from behind the shed. The other boys came out to and started singing Moments. It was sunset. That beautiful pink sky that celebrated the romance Louis and Eve had.

"What?" Eve asked

"Will you marry me?" Louis repeated. Eve was in shock and she didn't know what to say. But, she did make up her mind. But it may not have been a good choice. Wait, what am I saying!

"YES!!!" Eve screamed and jumped onto Louis and hung on his neck. It was good news. Even Harry approved at this answer she gave. Wedding bells were already ringing. Eve could just picture the white dress and flowers all around the church. But Louis had better plans.

"I've already set the date, and the wedding's gonna be on the beach. The wedding's on the 6th of August!"Louis rapidly exploded out of his mouth.

"What? that's in 2 weeks. And...."

"And it's also your birthday! That's why I booked it that day!"

"Louis, your the best!" Eve pushed herself up on her tippy-toes and gave him a passionate kiss for them to remember. When Eve backed out of the kiss, she immediately screamed, "We're engaged!"





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