A 1D Love Story

Eve was just a small town girl, but when she meets One Direction, it all changes. She finds herself going through many tough challenges. Will she be able to live a life with the boys? Or will her heart be crushed and torn to pieces? It's all her choice. Does she want that romance, or that bore of loneliness? Find out, in "A 1D Love Story"


13. Pink Skies

"Look at that pink sky. Isn't it just beautiful!? It definitely fits the mood for tonight." Louis quietly whispered into Eve's ear.

"I think... it fits you." laughed Eve

They sat down on the sand and watched the sun set down over the bright blue ocean. The sky was still as pink as it could get. But it was an amazingly magnificent colour for anyone not to aprove of. Splashes of yellow and orange made their way into the scene too. Eve began to cry. She buried her head into Louis' chest, and cried. 

"Eva, what's wrong?" Louis asked

"I've missed you so much and I've caused so much trouble these past 2 months over that massive accident! I'm extremely sorry for all that I've done. I wouldn't be mad at you if you yelled at me either."

"As if I would yell at you. You are my one true love and no one will ever change the way I feel for you. And darling, please stop crying or you'll make me cry."

They began to head back home it was getting very dark. Almost pitch black. Louis carried Eve off the beach like a little baby up until the point where he lay Eve down on the bed. She was fast asleep and wouldn't unwrap her hands from Louis neck. So he lay down next to her, both still in their bathers, with Eve's arms wrap around his neck. Just like a daughter holding onto her parents would. Louis was in a big scenario though she had news that no one was ready to know, that would brake anyones heart. He.............


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