A 1D Love Story

Eve was just a small town girl, but when she meets One Direction, it all changes. She finds herself going through many tough challenges. Will she be able to live a life with the boys? Or will her heart be crushed and torn to pieces? It's all her choice. Does she want that romance, or that bore of loneliness? Find out, in "A 1D Love Story"


9. I'll Still Love You No Matter What

As Eve started to calm down, she felt guilty for yelling at Harry, but she still thought she should have. Eve walked inside and up the stairs to get to her room, but as she walked through the living area, she tripped on the leg of one of the sofa's. as she fell she hit her head on the corner of the coffee table. Eve was screaming and crying in agony.


"The boys rushed from their rooms into the living area. Eve had blood dripping down her face from her head and had twisted her ankle. 

"Call the ambulance. Now!" Louis screamed to Niall and Zayn.

Harry felt guilty. In his head he was thinking: It's all my fault. If I didn't send that text, she wouldn't have gone onto the balcony and run back through the living room.

"Harry! Get some tissues! And heaps of baby wipes!" Liam screamed to get Harry out of his own world and help.

The boys sat Eve down on the couch until the ambulance came. She was unconscious.  They all went to the hospital with Eve, but Harry didn't deserve to be anywhere near Eve. Not for a second longer after what he did.

"Eve, are you there?' Louis asked in the ambulance

"Louis?" Eve opened her eyes to find herself in a gurney.

"Eve, it's me. Hang in there."

"Louis. I'll still love you no matter what happens to me. I love you too much."

Then, she shut her eyes again.

"Eve! Don't! Don't leave me! Why? Don't go! I'll still love YOU know matter what!" 

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