A 1D Love Story

Eve was just a small town girl, but when she meets One Direction, it all changes. She finds herself going through many tough challenges. Will she be able to live a life with the boys? Or will her heart be crushed and torn to pieces? It's all her choice. Does she want that romance, or that bore of loneliness? Find out, in "A 1D Love Story"


6. How Could You Do This To Me?

In the morning, Eve woke up to find Louis wasn't in bed. She sat up for a while then heard Lou's phone ring. It was a text.

Eve read the text aloud. "Hey baby! Can't wait till you get back. I MISS YOU! -From Laina" Eve read the last sentence in shock. She was surprised.

When Louis came back 2 hours later, Eve was sitting in the living area and asked-"Where were you?'

"I went for a jog. Why?"

"Well, maybe you should ask your OTHER GIRLFRIEND!"

"What are you talking about?"

"Laina! How could you do this to me? I thought you loved me!"

"Eve, I have no idea who Laina is! I've never met a girl named Laina. EVER IN MY LIFE!"

"Fine, lie. Make me feel like a piece of shit! Did you know that my last boyfriend cheated on me as well! I'm packing my bags. Bye Boo Bear." Eve ran up stairs to Louis' room to pack her bags. It was the end of their relationship. They were threw


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