A 1D Love Story

Eve was just a small town girl, but when she meets One Direction, it all changes. She finds herself going through many tough challenges. Will she be able to live a life with the boys? Or will her heart be crushed and torn to pieces? It's all her choice. Does she want that romance, or that bore of loneliness? Find out, in "A 1D Love Story"


15. Aeroplane Rides

As Louis and Eve were on the plane, he burst into tears. He put his head on Eve, like she usually does to him, and wrapped his arms around her. She gave him a massive hug and put her head on his shoulder.

"Stop crying, babe. Just settle down. I'm here for you."

The whole ride, Louis clenched his left fist and with his right hand he grasped on Eve's left. He was stiff inside and out. He had tears on his cheeks that had made it down to his neck. Some had dropped off, but some were still there. The plane ride was long. they stopped in Denver for about 2 hours or so. Louis and Eve stopped by a small restaurant for lunch. Just a small sandwich and a coffee.

When it was time for the plane to leave again, all hopped back on. Louis went through the same thing and began to cry again. So Eve decided to begin to sing him a soft song:

{Baby, you light up my world like nobody else the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed. But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell, you dont know-o-o. You dont now you're beautiful.}

"Eve, please stop! You know that song's for you." Louis quietly giggled

Eve smile and began to sing Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. But Louis replied in a quiet voice again, "I helped Bruno write that song for you!"

None of this was true, but Louis loved Eve too much that he said that if those songs had been written after they'd met, they would belong to her. And they would be what made her feel beautiful. 



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