I don't love you, it's him

15 year old jaya lives in a mansion with her mum. She is dating an idiot named Luke. Her mum makes her do beauty pageants. She is turning sixteen soon. Her mum hires a band to play there. An when they come over for dinner everythin about her life changes. Well most things.


3. The pageant

Jaya's p.o.v

I walk back into the dining area. 'goodnight mum I'm going to bed.' I kiss her cheek. 'goodnight honey... You need to be up at 4:30am to get ready for the pageant' I nod and leave the room. 'goodnight babe. See you in the morning' I hear Luke call. I groan quietly. I walk up stairs and into my room. 

After I changed into my pajamas I lay in my bed. I get a text. From Alicia: did you survive? I saw the boys leave. Quite hot actually 
I roll my eyes. 
To Alicia: yeah I survived. You know the blonde one? He's mine. Lol. Bye bye Luke!!
From Alicia: he was like an elf. A cute elf. Set me up?lol
I laugh
To Alicia: yeah sure. Maybe Harry. He would suit you. He's the curly haired one
From Alicia: yes!!! He's cool. Gtg xx
To Alicia: bye xx

I fall asleep a few minutes later. 

When I wake up I roll over I my stomach. Someone was in my bed. I open my eyes. 'Luke!' I scream. He shoots his eyes open and smiles. 'morning beautiful' he says and takes my head in his hands. He leans in about to kiss me. 'Luke! Get out of my bed! You idiot. Get out!' I push him off my bed. 'hey babe! What's up with you?' he stands up. 'jeez. You live next door why couldn't you go home? And if you say you wanted to stay the night here, sleep in the spare room.  Not with me you creep.' I getup and walk over to him. 'I'm your boyfriend. I'm not a creep. You love me' he takes my hand. 'I don't love you.' he was shocked by my words. 'your dumped' my mum walks in te room. 'I heard the racket and wanted to know what the noise was. And you cannot dump him. I'm your mother I said you can't' I can't do anything now. Whatever she says goes. I groan and push them out my room. 'I'm going to get ready.' I say and shut the door. I put a tight light pink skirt on and a white tank top and grey cardigan. My mum picked it out the night before. I slip on my flats and brush my hair leaving it down. 'I'm ready!' I yell down the stairs. 'a lady doesn't yell an she doesn't run down the stairs.' my mother says. I roll my eyes once she's turned around. Luke packs the bags in the car and we drive to the church. 

Niall's p.o.v

Today we are going to be judging a beauty pageant. Great! 8 yr olds running around and screaming with loads of makeup on. I look out the window of the room we were hiding in. Was that? No it can't be...but she does do pageants. 'boys was that jaya?' I ask. 'didn't see' Liam says. 'me either' Zayn says. 

Time to go out. We wave to the people seated as we make our way to the table set up for us. 'welcome everyone to the charity pageant. Welcome out judges... Louis... Harry...Liam...Zayn... An Niall! One direction lady's and gentleman.' the host says. They applaud. 'Ok let's start shall we? First for the beauty competition the 8-10 year olds! Please welcome to the stage mikayla!' 

Jaya's p.o.v

The 8-10 year olds were on and I was after the next group. Y hair was done in tight curls pulled to one side and I had heavy makeup on. 'jaya your dress is here' mum says. I get up off the chair and put on the horrible puffy dress. Horrible... I step into it and mum zips it up. 'aaa beautiful!' my mum says. I look horrible. 

We walk to the stage. Omg! They're judging! Shit. They're judging.  '15-16 age group to the stage. please welcome jaya!' I walk on stage and smile at the boys. 

Niall's p.o.v

That's her! She looks so different. 'that's jaya' I say to Liam who was next to me. She walks around the stage and does a few turns. Then walks off and bak to her room I presume. 

Jayas pov

That was embarrassing. Oh god and next... Is swimwear. And I had to have a bikini. I straighten my hair and put it in a pony tail with a little quiff. I put my bikini on and sunglasses. I take my floppy hat off the hook and put that on. Towel and go. 

'next the 15-16 Swimwear competition! Jaya!' I walk on stage and set my towel down and lay on it propping myself up on my elbows. There I was laying on stage infrot of one direction and the guy I think I like in my bikini. my music starts and I look side to side take my hat off and slide my sunglasses down.

Niall's pov

This was more her. I can tell se chose what do do for this and what to wear. She looked hot! I was smiling uncontrollably. 'Niall man don't look to desperate' Liam whispers to me. I look down at my paper an write something down. 

When she finishes she walks off the stage and says something to her mum. 
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